European Parliament Traineeships

The European Parliament offers different traineeships within its Secretariat in order to contribute to the vocational training of young citizens, and to the understanding of the working of the institution. General conditions:

# be citizen of a Member State of the EU, or of an applicant country;
# be aged 18 or over on the traineeship starting date;
# have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the EU, and a good knowledge of two others;
# not have been awarded any other (paid/unpaid) traineeship by or paid employment of an institution of the EU.
# a small number of citizens of third countries may be awarded traineeship in the European Parliament.

Paid Traineeships cover:
1. Robert Schuman scholarships, general option (primarily economics, law, political science etc)
2. Robert Schuman scholarships, journalism option


# have a university degree after a course or study of at least three years’ duration;
# submit written reference from university lecturer or from a professional person.

Paid traineeships shall be awarded for a period of five months.

The deadline for applications are
15 October (for traineeships starting 1 March) and 15 May (for traineeships starting 1 October).
Each traineeship has its own specific criteria which can be found in the regulations.

Unpaid Traineeships are for a duration of one to four months. It offers young citizens the opportunity to complete a traineeship: as part of their course at university or equivalent institution; of a high-level vocational training  organised by a non-profit-making body; of a requirement for access to a profession; There are three fixed deadlines a year: 1 October, 1 February and 1 June.

European Parliament – Traineeship Office

KAD Building, Office 2C007
European Parliament
L- 2929 Luxembourg
phone: +352 4300 3697
fax: +352 43 00 248 82

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  1. under conditions said: be citizen of a Member State of the EU, or of an applicant country, which means that youth from Croatia as EU candidate country and from Turkey and Macedonia as well could apply for traineeships in EP

  2. Armen, I would suggest you to contact EP. Even though the posts are usually given to people from EU or candidates states, they sometimes take also ppl from CIS countries….Try!

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