OSI Justice Initiative Fellows Program, *Deadline 25/01/2010*

The Open Society Justice Initiative joins with Central European University to announce the Justice Initiative Fellows Program for 2010–2012. The aim of the program is to support and further develop a network of lawyers and activists working on human rights-related issues internationally. More than 150 fellows have graduated from Justice Initiative Fellows Program, established in 1996.

Up to ten applicants will be selected in 2010 to participate in this two-year program of study and practical work experience. Applicants from the following regions and countries are eligible: Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Central/South America.

Applicants must be nominated by a national nongovernmental organization concerned with human rights. The applicant must demonstrate a strong commitment to human rights, and have a university degree and a high degree of proficiency in English. Criteria for selection will include the applicant’s experience, his/her potential to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights, and the suitability of the applicant’s proposed role in the nominating NGO. Upon selection, fellows will be required to sign an agreement with the Justice Initiative committing themselves to the program for two years. The first year is spent at Central European University, the second in the applicant’s home country, working with the nominating NGO.

Fellows will reside a total of one year in Hungary, at the Central European University’s Legal Studies Department. They will undertake a degree program (MA or LLM in Human Rights, dependent on their undergraduate degree), in which they will be required to fulfill the requirements of the Human Rights Program at the Central European University. During their stay at the Central European University the Fellows will also participate in a three-month internship placement with leading NGOs in Europe from January until March.

During the first year of the program, the fellowship will be administered by the Central European University’s Legal Studies Department in partnership with the Justice Initiative. Financial conditions will be identical to Central European University policies for full scholarship students. Fellows will return to their local nominating NGOs after the first year, where they will spend at least one year working in human rights advocacy on a nonprofit basis: providing legal services, undertaking human rights litigation, providing training and education, etc. The Justice Initiative will pay a local salary during this second year equal to an amount determined to be similar to equivalent work by the nominating NGO. This amount will be provided to the nominating NGOs in the form of a grant.
Application Procedure

Candidates must submit their applications online. They must meet the general Central European University Admissions requirements, as well as the Central European University’s Legal Studies Department Requirements . In addition, applicants must include with their applications:

1. A nominating letter from an NGO describing the reasons for nominating the applicant, the expectations the NGO has of the project, and contractually committing (to the Justice Initiative) to hire the applicant for at least one year after s/he returns from the twelve-month training program in Hungary. The nomination letter should also indicate a monthly salary gross rate in USD (including all taxes and fees) that will be offered to the applicant by the NGO in the event that s/he is selected for the program (provided to the NGO by the Justice Initiative in the form of a grant).
2. Proof of English proficiency: For applicants from the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, language tests will be carried out by local Soros foundation/Open Society Institute coordinators, the list of test sites . The date of the centrally administered TOEFL and departmental tests can be found here. Candidates residing outside of the testing region are required to submit official score reports (see here).
3. A statement of purpose for applying to the Justice Initiative Fellows program.
4. A proposal of project activities that the candidate plans to work on with the nominating NGO during the second year of the fellowship.

Applications must be received at CEU by January 25, 2010.

Contact Information

Regarding the first year of the program, please contact:

Katalin Horvath
Special Programs Coordinator
Legal Studies Department
Central European University
Nádor u. 9
Budapest 1051
Tel: +361 327-3205
Email: [email protected]

Regarding the overall program and the second-year commitment, please contact:

Anna Fischer
Fellows Program Coordinator at Justice Initiative
Oktober 6. u. 12
Budapest 1051
Tel: +361 327-3108
Fax: +361 327 3103
Email: [email protected]

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