Master in Viticulture and Enology

Vinifera EuroMaster offers a gateway to top level managerial positions such as : Directors/Managers of vine & wine estates & laboratories; cellar Managers; Consultants in enology; Auditors/Advisors in vineyard management; market & trade Consultants; research, teaching & lecturing.

Deadline: 06/01/2010
Open to: EU and non EU students
Scholarship: full under Erasmus Mundus

EMaVE Consortium is composed of 15 Universities and Institutes of Higher Education from the five most producing Countries of quality wine in Europe : France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain. All these partners are very famous for their activities of research and their links with the professionals of the vine and wine sector.

Our Vinifera EuroMaster is rather young. We have made it grow at reasonable speed :
– we only admitted 9 students in our first Class 2007-2009 ;
– Class 2008-2010 is composed of 18 students, currently attending year 2 courses ;
– Class 2009-2011 is composed of 22 students, currently attending year 1 courses.

Our European Master Course is really international, since our first 49 students are coming from 20 different countries.

We hope that everybody will find in this website all the necessary information needed.
For any further question, don’t hesitate to contact us :

Admissions requirements

* Minimum academic requirement : Bachelor of Sciences degree or equivalent degree
Please note that Bachelor of Arts may be acceptable only for students having acquired sufficient scientific bases, for instance after following short courses in plant science or food science.
o For applicants having not yet obtained their Bachelor diploma, a “conditional admission” is however possible
o A proof of delivery of this diploma is to be sent to Vinifera secretariat by June 2010 for final admission

* Requirement for English language:
o Minimum level : B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
o Certificate accepted : IELTS – adapted to academic needs – tests speaking competencies – score band 6 minimum
o Other certificates could allow applicants to obtain a “conditional admission” : please contact secretariat
o IELTS Certificate is to be sent to Vinifera secretariat by June 2010 for final admission

Application process

1. As soon as a possible applicant fills in the page “Apply online”, he is registered for application = he receives a password by e-mail
2. To fill out the online application form, each prospective applicant will then have to login, using his identification (e-mail address) and password received
3. The preparation of application may be done progressively through successive logins = the form is to be saved each time
4. An intermediate step is the designation of two referees (applicant gives their e-mail address). Each referee will receive a password for him to write online his “letter” ; the letter is to be submitted electonically before deadline;  letters are to be printed and signed (= authentification) for sending by postage
5. When his application form is completely filled in, the applicant submits it electronically before deadline, for preselection. At the same time, application form is to be printed and signed (authentification) for sending by postage.

Selection procedure
The selection process is made separately for 2 groups of applicants, A and B.
# Group A
= Candidates from other countries than European Union (27 States) or Switzerland, Iceland, Norway & Lichtenstein. In addition, these candidates must not have spent 12 months in EU (for studies or employment) during the last 5 years
# Group B
= Candidates from European Union (27 States) or Switzerland, Iceland, Norway & Lichtenstein; and candidates from other countries having spent 12 months in EU
A main list and a complementary list are established by the Admission Board for each category.

* Vinifera Euromaster secretariat first checks if applications are acceptable (forms correctly filled in, all required documents available, admission requirements fulfilled…). Applicants receive feedback about this pre-selection phase.
* Preselected applications are submitted by secretariat to the Admission Board, composed of several persons, who evaluate separately the candidates (points)
* According to total points obtained by applicants, the Admissions Board establishes a ranking, both for admission and grants.
* Secretariat is in charge of managing the two main lists (and related supplementary lists) according to effective confirmation of registrations. E-mails are sent to applicants accordingly.

Schedule for the 2010-2012 session

Deadline of application for Group A = 6 January 2010.
Deadline of application for Group B = 30 April 2010.

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