Training TicTac for young leaders

TicTac targets at voluntary and professional youth workers and youth leaders involved in international youth work.

For participants from:   Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, EASTERN EUROPE AND CAUCASUS, Switzerland

The overall aim of the TicTac TC is:
– to promote the development of quality Action 4.3 (Action 5 of the YOUTH programme) projects under the new Youth in Action programme in order to support the needs of the organisation and its international partners.

The specific objectives of the course are:
– to explore the aims of Action 4.3 (former Action 5) and its activities
– to find out how Action 4.3 activities match the needs and resources of the participating organisations
– to experience a quality Action 4.3 project by participating in the TicTac training
– to try out creating an Action 4.3 project in an international team
– to develop skills useful for running an Action 4.3 project
– to become inspired to do Action 4.3 projects

In the training course the participants have the opportunity to meet and to get to know other organisations, but contact making is not directly a priority of the training course.

The Network of National Agencies organises several TicTac training courses per year. You’ll find an overview on the upcoming TicTacs


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