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The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) recruits trainees twice a year for a paid training period of three to six months.

The main role of the ECML, which is a body of the Council of Europe, is to serve in general the implementation of language policies and the promotion of innovative approaches to the learning and teaching of modern languages.

The trainees will work at two levels:
1) They will be responsible for precise tasks in a specific field. In order to do so, three specialist areas are proposed corresponding to three different types of traineeships:
•  The web site specialisation – Website: the trainee will assist the webmaster in her daily work and will participate in the development of the web site of the ECML being responsible for the follow-up of tasks and by checking on the accuracy and on the updating of information. This area of work will allow the trainee to participate in the continuous development of the site.The trainee will also work in collaboration with the Resource Centre and with those responsible for the medium-term programme. The trainee should have a linguistic specialisation and have experience in the area of ICT.
•  The organisation and planning specialisation – Programme: the trainee will assist the Head of Programmes and be responsible for tasks closely related to the management of the medium-term programme (MTP): preparing files with practical material and/or information for the participants of workshops and other activities organised by the ECML; formatting documents in the framework of the different projects of the MTP; mailing different documents.
•  The documentation specialisation – DRC: the trainee will assist the Documentalist and should be a specialist in the field of library/documentation/information sciences and ICT. He/she will be part of the team of the documentation and resource Centre and will participate in the setting up of new services, in the implementation of new documentary products and tools as well as in daily activities linked with documentation.
In all three cases, the trainee should demonstrate team spirit, flexibility and an interest in the activities of the ECML.
•  The finances and general administration specialisation – Administration: the trainee will assist in the development of the database linked to the existing mailing database and in the implementation of the Windream ((Document Management Software), in particular development of a training guide.He/she will be involved in the process of financial documentation; in photocopying/scanning, classification according to budgetary article, registration of mailings, preparation of mailing to Strasbourg;corrections to the ECML mailing database; entering of bank details into ECML database and preparation of workshop documentation relating to prepaid tickets, hotel reservation forms.

In all four cases, the trainee should demonstrate team spirit, flexibility and an interest in the activities of the ECML.

2) Trainees will also be asked to complete general tasks within the framework of programme events (workshops and meetings) and statutory meetings.

A monthly subsistance allowance of EUR 686 is provided and a contribution towards travel expenses.

Trainees should be graduate students preferably at postgraduate level.
They should be plurilingual (English, French, German) and have adequate writing and computer skills as they will frequently be asked to translate official documents.

Deadline: Applications for traineeships should reach the ECML by
•  30 September (for the period January – June)
•  31 March (for the period July – December and September to February for Administration trainees only).

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