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leiden_logoLeiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands. It was founded in February 1575, as a gift from William of Orange to the citizens of Leiden who had withstood a long siege by the Spaniards. In Leiden there are approximately 17,000 students and 4,000 staff members. Leiden’s guiding principles are: International orientation; a research character of the University and maintaining the education’s quality. Leiden is a typical university city. The buildings are spread throughout the city and students living and studying in Leiden give the city relaxed and vivid atmosphere.
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Studying in Leiden

The University consists of 6 faculties, a School of Education (teacher training), and a Campus in The Hague. The University houses the faculties of Archaeology, Humanities, Law, Medicine/LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center), Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The faculties offer a varied range of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes. In addition, three other units offer post-academic training: the Institute for Environmental Sciences (CML), the School of Education (ICLON) and Campus The Hague. The latter specialises in post-academic training in the field of law and political science for those working in the public sector, the legal sector or the corporate world.

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The language of instruction for most programmes is English and for some Dutch. A number of Language and Culture programmes are taught in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

There are really many programmes available for obtaining a MA degree in Leiden, from African Languages and Cultures to Computer science or Biomedical Sciences education. Check the list of programs

Most master’s programmes will organise information days in the Spring of 2010. Some of the dates are already available. In February you will find a complete list of all information days on this website.

International orientation

The University is a participant in the European Union’s Socrates/Erasmus programme and is a member of the Coimbra group and the League of European Research Universities. The League is a joint venture of 12 European top research institutes. Since December 2004, European research cooperation has taken place in the master phase of Non-Western studies within the framework of the European League of Non-Western Studies.

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Scholarship information

Among the others Leiden University offers so called Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2009/10 for excellent non-EU students who enrol in a full-time Leiden University master’s programme in 2009/2010. There is also Leonardo, Socrates or Tempus opportunities, Fullbright, Ford Foundation, Soros Suplementary Grant Programme etc.

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