Stockholm University

Located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm University is one of the largest public higher education institutions in Sweden with around 23,000 students. Stockholm University acquired its university status back in 1960. Since then it began building up its reputation and is now deemed to be one of the most renowned universities in the world.
Stockholm University consists of 4 faculties – Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Social Sciences – each divided into a multitude of departments and institutes. For a complete overview of all departments click here.

How to apply

The official website of Stockholm University offers a step-by-step application guide that provides you with all the necessary details.

Exchange programs and scholarships

Studying at Stockholm University is cost – free, meaning students are not subject to tuition fees. Non-Swedish students are eligible to apply for grants and student loans provided by the Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN).
Follow this link for information regarding various scholarships available to international students.
As a higher education institution Stockholm University has signed around 400 university – wide agreements with partner institutions . Students can apply to participate in a number of exchange programs. For detailed information on all elements pertaining to becoming an exchange student visit the ‘Exchange Students’ section of Stockholm University’s official website.  Provided you have further questions with regards to the exchange programs, you can contact the Exchange Student Office at [email protected] .
Central Address:
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Official website

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