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The 2nd AllArtNow International New Media Art Festival
Damask, Syria

This year the festival will expand to include more activities in Contemporary Art.

In 2009 AllArtNow launched its first festival with the desire to introduce contemporary art and its processes to our audiences, and to encourage the development of emerging artists in Syria and around the world. We have screened video art in different spaces (public, cultural and artistic spaces) through partnerships established inside and outside of Syria, in effort to reach diverse audiences.

In 2009 they  introduced video art and this year will present many new forms of contemporary art, in their continued effort to create a platform for open discussion about new kinds of emerging contemporary art. They seek to nurture and help the cultural scene grow, one year after another, and to add to our already growing number of partnerships.

This year the festival expands to cover more activities that they would like to introduce to the Syrian audience, and to those artists that we have collaborated with through exhibitions, video art festivals, and workshops. In the 2010 program a selection of artworks will be shown, including:
– multi-media installation
– performance, street art, and video art, working directly with and supporting the artists and our audience.

AllArtNow is always open to artists from different regions of the world to work and be in contact with local artists.

The application form

Artist/Group name:
Date of birth:
The title of the video:
Production date:
Short Synopsis (please, not more than 80 words)

Kindly send your application to their e-mail

Please submit your video (DVD format) in a sealed envelope to the address below.

Deadline: 15/02/2010

The 2ndAllArtNow
International New Media Art Festival 2010
Bab Musala St
P.O.Box 14136 Damascus
tel: 00963112218166
fax: 00963112217622

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