European project Generation 89

Meet people from your generation! Join the “Generation ’89” project!
25–28 April in Bucharest, Brussels, Prague or Warsaw

Deadline: 31st January 2010 (10th February for Belgium and Poland)
Working language: English

Were you born in 1989? Are you a citizen of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania or the UK? You have the chance to participate in one of the simultaneous meetings in Brussels, Bucharest, Prague or Warsaw, and to present the Declaration “Generation ’89” to EU representatives in Brussels!

The project “Generation 89” proposes to commemorate the fall of the communist systems in the European countries, through the lens of the young people born in 1989. The young people from Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Belgium, UK, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Bulgaria and have had different historical context in which they lived their lives, and one of the objectives of this project is to bring together these youngsters and to offer a space where they can share experiences and expectations for the future.
In order to attain this objective, 4 international meetings will be organised in Prague, Bucharest, Warsaw, and Brussels, where the participants will have a various programme focused on two themes: national past and European future.

The programme will comprise movie screenings and debates on the events from 1989, informational session regarding the EU policies in the matter of youth and young professionals, workshops focused in drafting a Declaration upon how they perceive their future in EU, a documentary visit to a local organisation with activity in the field of communist systems studies, presentattion of the Declaration “Generation 89” and the young people opinion on the future of Europe and their future as citizens of EU. With the support of the “Citizenship” Programme of the European Union.

Who can apply:

Citizens of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the UK, born in 1989, are invited to participate in the project Generation ’89.

Applicants should have:

· very good command of English (CEF level C1 or C2). Evidence of English language proficiency is desirable, but not compulsory
· enthusiasm about and interest in the European Union’s policies, as well as its future change and development

Prior knowledge of EU institutions and its history and/or the contemporary history of European countries is an advantage.

The project environment will encourage free and open-minded thinking. Applicants should not feel limited by conventional perceptions: the project’s aim is to bring together people who may not normally interact and to offer a unique opportunity to share and gain knowledge, views and experience.

How to apply:

Applicants should complete the on-line application form in English, including an essay on the theme “What can I do for Europe and what can Europe do for me? How do I see myself as an EU citizen in 5–10 years?”. The essay should be used to convince the jury that the applicant has the suitable skills and attitude to participate in the project. The applicant should develop the structure of the essay around one or more of the following topics:

·         Education
·         Employment
·         Culture
·         Social issues
·         Migration
·         Equal Opportunities
·         Environment
·         Economics
·         Europe in the world

Videos: The selected participants who are travelling to meetings outside their countries will each prepare a 3-5 minute video, in which they interview their relatives on the events of the year 1989. That historic year for Europe will be remembered by people who had different experiences and personal memories related to the fall of the communist system in their country or its reflection in other countries during that year.

· Preparation period: 1–25 March 2010
· Technical requirements: the video can be recorded on a normal digital camera, the minimum technical requirement is to have the extension “.avi”;
· Language: the interview can be made in the participant’s language or in English. If the video is recorded in the national language, the participant will accompany the video with the English translation of the script. The video and the translation (if applicable) will be sent to the local oganizers in digital formats, by 25th March. The videos will be provided with subtitles.

N.B.: If the participants selected for the international meetings fail to provide the video by the deadline, they will not be able to take further part in the project.

Applicants must be able to attend  the full programme of the meetings held on 25–28 April in Bucharest, Brussels, Prague or Warsaw. Working language: English

The selected participants will receive joining instructions prior to the meetings in due time.

The cost of travel, accommodation and meals will be covered.

Final delegation in Brussels: the four most active participants in the April meetings will have the chance to present the ‘Declaration ’89’ to EU representatives in Brussels on 7 June 2010.

the completed Application form should be submitted online by 31 January 2010 (in Poland, Belgium and Hungary, by 10 February 2010), 23:00 GMT. Early applications would be very much appreciated.
A list of successful candidates will be announced on the project’s website by 1 March 2010

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