United Conf: Minorities on the Edge of Society

UNITED network conference, 11-16 May 2010 in Budapest

Call for: nominations
Deadline: 19/03/2010

The international UNITED conference ‘Europe All Inclusive? Minorities on the Edge of Society’ intends to develop counter strategies and practical responses to situations of discrimination and intolerance, providing an exchange platform of knowledge and good practice to develop the practical working methods of local NGOs and strategies for the inclusion of minority groups… we have to realise that only by acting UNITED and sharing our knowledge we can work towards an ‘All Inclusive Europe’.

Europe all inclusive
There are great challenges in front of all of us. The role of the anti-discrimination movement, and its independent actions is very important, and maybe it is the last chance to stop these very negative tendencies. This conference will look at specific issues, such as how to tackle Romaphobia, minority rights, methods and good practices of counteract right-wing extremism, the experience of migrants in Europe. Furthermore we will make use of a variety of working methods: thematic working groups, plenary sessions and workshops.

The six thematic working groups will continue throughout the whole event:
* In-Side-Out: Migrants and Society in Europe

This working group will analyse how migrants can regain control over their lives, their identity as an emigrant-immigrant and their role in the society.
* Message in a Bottle: Campaign Against Racism
Developing antiracism campaign as a key to build up new actions.
* Minorities on the Move: Stand Up for Your Rights

The role of prejudices and stereotypes about minority groups in social segregation and discriminative political discourse.
* The Future of the Past: History as Cause of Conflict

This working group will try to see why, what and how we remember, and what implications it has for historical-political education. Learning the lessons from the past and taking responsibility for the future we want.
* Roma in Europe: Working Tools to Reverse Exclusion

The Roma community suffers massive discrimination everywhere in Europe, this working group aims to find common strategies for an inclusive Europe.
* Right Wing Extremism: Spot It – Stop It!

How to deal with the increasing influence of the political right-wing extremism in Europe.


Working methods
Plenary sessions, working groups, lectures, workshops, political cafés, presentations, debates, intercultural ‘games’, information market, cultural activities, excursions, open forum. The conference language is English. All participants are expected to have at least basic knowledge of English.

The conference is planned for 70-75 participants (living in Europe) who represent (inter)national anti-racist, anti-fascist, refugee, human rights and minority rights organisations. Priority will be given to nominations from young delegates (under 30 years old) with a minority background. Preference is given to those organisations that actively take part in UNITED campaigns. Participants should act as multipliers, spreading the information to as many people as possible. Each organisation can nominate only ONE delegate.

Participation fee – travel costs
The participation fee of the conference depends on the country where the nominated organisation is based:
120 Euro for participants from group 1:

A, B, CH, CY, D, DK, E, F, FL, FIN, GB, GR, I, IS, IRL, L, M, N, NL, P, S

70 Euro for participants from group 2:

40 Euro for participants from group 3:

Full board & lodging and the complete program is included.

Organisations that paid their 2010 supporter fee to the UNITED Network will receive a 50% reduction of the participation fee. (how to become a supporter)

Contribution to international travel costs

Participants travelling from group 1
UNITED can contribute maximum 75% to the costs of your travel, not more than 200 Euro.

Participants travelling from group 2
UNITED can contribute maximum 90% to the costs of your travel, not more than 250 Euro.

Participants travelling from group 3 (except H)
UNITED can contribute maximum 90% to the costs of your travel, not more than 300 Euro.

Participants travelling from H:
UNITED can contribute maximum 90% to your travel costs (train, bus), not more than 40 Euro.

The cost of your visa can be reimbursed by UNITED on the base of an original invoice from the Embassy. UNITED conferences can only take place when participants make an effort to contribute financially to their travel costs. We ask you to find out if there are alternative possibilities of funding your participation. (sometimes it is possible to find small local grants e.g. a travel grant from a foundation, a university, an embassy or another sponsor)

Application procedure
Organisations interested in nominating a delegate should send their nomination by email before the 19 March 2010 – 24:00 to: budapest@unitedagainstracism.org

download the registration form

All candidates will be informed about the result of their selection via e-mail around beginning of April. Only candidates selected for participation will receive further information e.g. visa invitation, explanation ‘how to get there’, a final program, list of participants, etc.


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