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Brno University of Technology (BUT) was founded in 1899. With more than 15,000 students, the Brno University of Technology is one of the largest universitiesin the Czech Republic. The University has made numerous contacts with universities and other institutions around Europe, United States, Poland, Russia, etc. BUT has supported internationalization of studies through ECTS, participated in EU projects such as Tempus, Leonardo, Socrates/Erasmus, CEEPUS, Aktion, DAAD partnership , studies for two degrees and the Euro-engineer degree, organizing lectures of visiting professors and providing courses for foreign students in English.

* Faculty of Civil Engineering
* Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
* Faculty of Chemistry
* Faculty of Architecture
* Faculty of Business and Management
* Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
* Faculty of Fine Arts
* Faculty of Information Technology
Study programmes in English


The Brno University of Technology provides university education in the following study programmes: Bachelor´s (3 or 4-year), Master´s (1,5 – 5-year), and Doctoral (3 – 4-year) in both – full-time and part-time forms. Admission procedure consists of written exam concentrating on interest in relevant field of study and knowledge which corresponds to technical or art discipline. The talent exam is the integral part of admission procedure at Faculty of Architecture and also at Faculty of Fine Arts. Some of the faculties admit excellent students without admission procedure. Reed more.
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International students coming to Brno University of Technology for LPP/Erasmus placements are entitled to receive accommodation scholarship. An application for accommodation scholarship is submitted at the host faculty, signed and passed to the Mobility Programme Department at the Rector’s Office. The students will receive decision on granting an accommodation scholarship for the entire period of their stay at Brno University of Technology in the given calendar year. The respective amount will be given by Rector’s decision. The scholarship will be paid in the cash office at the Rector’s Office. On their arrival, international students coming for LLP/Erasmus placements will be offered a one-week course of Czech language, free of charge.
Scholarship Rules

Central European Exchange Program for University Studies. CEEPUS website, National CEEPUS Office Czech Republic

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