Workshop in Romani studies, Leipzig

Open to: students, (junior) researchers and interested people in Gypsy cultures

The forum on Romani/Gypsy studies (FTF) invites all (junior) researchers and interested people, who have to do with Gypsy cultures, to some “networking” in Leipzig. Interdisciplinary exchange and networking between researchers, who deal with gypsy cultures on a regional or a topic-oriented basis, are central to the meeting. The students or graduates, whose final papers were or will be linked to the field of Romani/Gypsy studies are especially encouraged to participate.

The main focus of this year’s workshop is on the following topics:
a) South America
b) Gypsy groups in the Orient and around its fringes
c) “polictical” Romani/Gypsy studies
d) Sinti, Yeniche and other groups in Europe beyond the Romani discourse
e) historical and enthno-historical Romani/Gypsy studies

Detailed workshop programme

The language of the workshop is German. However, lectures can also be held in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian or Romani.

The participation fee is about €10. Travel expenses will not be compensated. In special cases of hardship, people with financial difficulties can be supported by the University of Leipzig or the student council.

All interested applicants can register for the workshop and name their field of interest by sending an email to: [email protected]

The deadline is 28th March, 2010 (application for giving a presentation is closed).

More detailed info

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