University of Zadar

The University of Zadar is Croatia’s first university, founded in 1396. The University has around 319 employees of which 91 Ph.D.s, 45 M.A.s and 5000 students on different levels of education (graduate, postgraduate, supplementary and part-time students). The activities of the University take place on two locations: at the «old campus», on a very attractive location in the historical centre of the city and at the «new campus».

University Departments

The University consisting of 21 departments: Archaeology, English Language and Literature, Philosophy, French Language and Literature, Geography, Information and Communication Sciences, Classical Philology, Croatian and Slavonic Studies, German Language and Literature, Pedagogy, History, Psychology, Sociology, Italian Language and Literature, Department of Teachers and Preschool Educators, Ethnology and Socio-cultural Anthropology, Librarianship, Maritime Affairs and Traffic, Economics and Agriculture and Mediterranean Aquaculture.

International Relations Office

Inter-university and international cooperation is one of the priorities of the University of Zadar. This will be achieved primarily by the implementation of the European system of credit transfer (ECTS) enabling the mobility of the students and the teaching and research staff.

Knowledge of Croatian language

It is important to know that Croatian is the language of instruction. Most postgraduate studies are taught in Croatian. However, a considerable number are offered in English, French, Italian or German.


Central European Exchange Program for University Studies. CEEPUS website.

International Relations Office
Mihovila Pavlinovica bb
23000 Zadar, Croatia
tel. +385 23 200 642
fax: +385 23 316 882
[email protected]

Official website

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