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The University of Barcelona (UB) is a public university considered to be the one of the best universities in Spain and the most formidable public institution of higher education in Catalonia. The University offers students a wide range of course, placing the University at the head of academic fields in very different degree areas, from technology on the one hand to art the other. The UB is also centre of university research at a state level. There are over 90,000 students in face-to-face and distance studies at 19 faculties and schools and 5 affiliated centres.

International Relations

The University of Barcelona engages in a considerable number of international programs and projects, including academic exchange programs, solidarity projects, development cooperation projects and research. Find programme with your country here.

Temporary periods of study

Every academic year, the University welcomes a large number of students from other universities who wish to study for a part of their degree at the University. These students may remain at the UB for one or a maximum of two semesters in an academic year. Their temporary study is organized either through a Spanish exchange program (SICUE, DRAC and Cajal), through an international exchange program (ERASMUS, bilateral agreements or others) or through an individual application.

How you apply to study temporarily at the UB
To be accepted as a temporary visiting student at the UB you need to follow the steps described below:

1. Find out if your home University has a student exchange agreement with the University of Barcelona.
* International students: ERASMUS, Bilateral Agreements, Especific Agreements with EUA Colleges, Coïmbra Group, EMSPS Programme, etc.

2. If your home university has no formal exchange agreement with the UB, you may submit an individual application (see the requirements and conditions)

3. Obtain authorization from your home university to participate on an exchange programme at the UB.

4. Complete and send the application form (read about the application procedure) to the UB via Internet. (Students of the spanish SICUE programm don’t have to fill this form)

5. Once fill up, post your application form and any supporting documents to the Head of International Exchanges in the faculty or school in which you wish to study. (Students of the Specific Agreements with US Colleges don’t have to send any document).

6. Once accepted, you need to make the necessary arrangements for accommodation and to take out medical insurance to cover all your stay in Barcelona.

7. On arrival in Barcelona, you first need to visit the faculty or school in which you will study to register at the UB.

8. A few weeks into the semester, you must register for those subjects that you have decided to study. Registration should be completed at the secretariat of your UB faculty or school.

Your temporary student card will give you access to many UB services, as well as to specific services provided solely for temporary visiting students.
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