Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy

International Festival of Film on Art and Artist’s Biographies
20th – 29th August 2010, Asolo (Treviso)

Deadline: 30/04/2010

Asolo Art Film Festival is a free contest conceived and organised by the Cultural Association A.I.A.F. (Asolo International Art Festival). Re-founded in 2001, Asolo Art Film Festival offers annual exhibition with a contest dedicated to films and videos dealing with the topic of art in all its forms.

The contest is divided into seven sections:
• FILMS ON ART for works on art;
• ARTIST’S BIOGRAPHIES for works of historical reconstruction and critical interpretation on personalities from the world of art and music;
• FILMS ON ARCHITECTURE for works on architecture and urbanism relating to history, movements, main personalities, works and projects;
• FILMS ON DESIGN for works on design relating to history, movements, main personalities, works and projects;
• VIDEO ART & COMPUTER ART for works using electronics or computer technologies as a method of direct artistic expression;
• PRODUCTIONS BY SCHOOLS OF CINEMA related to art and music, produced by schools of cinema, specialized higher education institutes and universities;
• HARMONY AND TERRITORY documenting works for the harmonious development of the territory and its contradictions, increasing the value of potential and resources with
respect for culture and the environment.

Only works produced after the 1st of January 2008 are eligible for the contest.

Application procedure
To enter the contest interested applicants need to submit following documents:
1. print and fill out the entry form;
2. duplicate of the entry form signed in order to enter the contest and to authorize A.I.A.F. to use the work for teaching, cultural and promotional non profit purposes, through the publication on newspapers, magazines, websites and public projections;
3.  2 copies of the work on DVD or VHS standard PAL;
4. brief biography or an essential filmography of the author/s of the film;
5. a synopsis of the work in Italian or in English;
6. a gallery of JPEG images of different photo grams or frames of part of the film on CD ROM (at least 4);
7. a detailed list of the original musical tracks the film’s score. Indicate the name of the authors and the titles.

All the required materials must be sent by 30th April 2010 to the following address:

Foresto Vecchio, 8
31011 Asolo (TV),

With further queries contact:

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2 thoughts on “Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy

  1. Nina Rosenblum recomended your film festival to us as she thought our film had the right profile for Asolo.

    The film LA MIRADA DE OUKA LEELE is about the spanish international photographer and artist Ouka Leele.

    Ouka Leele had the challenge of painting nearly three hundred square metre mural in the province of Murcia. This event prompted the inspiration of the film and provides the back drop to the work of the artist. Ouka Leele formed an important part of the cultural movent in Madrid called “La Movida “ . She is also well know for her black and white photographs which she carefully paints by hand . She has been one of the first women to recieve a commision by the Prado Museum.

    If you would like to see the trailer.


    The film was nominated this year for a Spanish Film Acadamy Award and wone the Spanish film Critics award as Best Documenatry Film.

    If you are interested in our film, please could you send me an entry form as I was unable to download it.

    Best wishes

    Sheridan and Rafael Gordon

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