Human Rights & Democracy Award

Call for: nomination
Deadline: 30/04/2010

Rights & Democracy (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development) presents the John Humphrey Award each year to an organization or individual from any region of the world for outstanding achievement in the promotion of human rights and democratic development. It is named in honour of the late John Peters Humphrey, the Canadian human rights law professor who prepared the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Award consists of a grant of $30,000 and a speaking tour of Canadian cities to help increase awareness of the recipient’s human rights work.

*  The nominee (an individual or an organization) must be committed to peace and non-violence;
* The nominee must be independent of any political party or governmental affiliation;
* Preference is given to those working at the frontline for the benefit of developing countries, under conditions hostile to the recognition and application of basic human and democratic rights;
* Preference will be given to those involved in the priority issues of Rights & Democracy: democratic development, women’s rights, rights of indigenous peoples, social and economic rights;
* The Award is given only to an individual or to an organization that is still active;
* Former staff or board members of Rights & Democracy are not eligible;
* Self-nominations by individuals or organizations are not eligible.

Submission process
The submission of nomination should include:
1. A letter from the nominator (with his or her address, phone number and e-mail) describing the nominee, his or her work and why he or she merits this Award;
2. A curriculum vitae or a profile of the nominee;
3. Supporting documentation such as articles written by or about the nominee, (e.g., press clippings, websites links);
4. At least three references (with addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses), who have in-depth knowledge of the candidate’s work, and who may be contacted by members of the jury for more detailed information.

All the documents need to be submitted by 30th April 2010 to:
or mailed to the following address:

1001 de Maisonneuve Blvd. East,
Suite 1100
Canada H2L 4P9

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