MA Climate Change and Development in Sussex, UK

The University of Sussex and Institute of Development Studies (IDS) invites  applications for the MSc in Climate Change and Development for entry in 2010. Up to ten scholarships of £4,500 and three of £3,500 are available.

Deadline: 1/5/2010
Open to: applicants with a degree in social or natural sciences or relevant professional experience
Fund: £4,500 or £3,500

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Our global economy results in emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants which are directly influencing weather and climate. Climate change is already being felt, most keenly by the world’s poorest and vulnerable people. If these emissions continue unchecked, we will more dramatic changes in climate. The challenge of climate change is twofold. First, to make the transition to a lower-carbon global economy. Second, to adapt to the impacts of future climate changes. This will require difficult decisions about the way the economy and society are structured, and raises a range of difficult questions for development.

  • How will climate change affect food production, water resources and livelihoods in the developing world?
  • How believable are climate predictions?
  • How can we adapt to climate change?How will negotiations on greenhouse gas emissions affect developing nations?
  • What will  ‘low carbon development’ look like?How can we ensure equitable outcomes of climate change policies, locally, nationally and internatinoally?

As climate change becomes mainstream within development, there is a growing need for qualified professionals to address these challenges. These specialists must understand the complex scientific, socio-economic, technological and institutional issues of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This programme equips students and development practitioners with the key skills and knowledge to work on the implications of climate change for global and regional development. You will acquire specialist knowledge of the causes of climate change (taught specifically for non-climate specialists), the physical and human consequences, and efforts to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. Throughout, the emphasis is on the specific implications of climate change for poverty in developing countries, the processes of adaptation, and policy responses. You can develop a specialist thematic or regional enquiry in the dissertation. Teaching is shared between Geography, IDS, and SPRU.


An upper second-class undergraduate honours degree in either social or natural sciences. Applicants with relevant professional experience will also be considered.

Requirements and information for International students can be found here.


Sussex offers up to ten Climate Change Scholarships of £4,500 and three additional Scholarships at £3,500 each to students who possess the highest academic ability and potential.


You can apply by filling in the application form before the deadline of 1 may 2010. For more information about the application procedure, click here.

Application form

For more information, check the website or download the course brochure (658KB)

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