Mladiinfo brings “My Friend Boo” in Macedonia

Meet eight year old Ben, his boisterous little sister Lucy and Ben’s best friend Jaq. Three regular kids who one day bring to life a magical little toy called Boo and discover a gateway to a whole world of adventure hidden away in their attic.

‘My Friend Boo’ is a fun-filled animated series supported by the European Commission and is the first of it’s kind in Europe. The aim of the series is to help young viewers understand some of today’s most important world issues like energy, climate change, the environment, conservation and health. These are some of Europe’s most pressing issues but they are often too complicated and just too gigantic for young people to identify with or understand.

Mladiinfo within its continuous efforts to spread and support the positive values among children and youth brings this show for children in Macedonia. Starting this Autumn, “My Friend Boo” will be hosted by the dog Petko at the local “Pet Plus Show”, project of OXO, broadcasted on TV Telma and TV Alsat. All nine episodes are translated and synchronized in Macedonian and Albanian.

We hope Boo and his inspirational stories reach and motivate children in Macedonia as it motivates millions of European children.

The project is an original idea of Business Solutions Europa and has received support by the Delegation of the European Union in Macedonia.

Catch a preview:

Promo of episode Water

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