THESEUS Seminar for Young Leaders, Brussels

10th-15th July 2010, Brussels

Freedom, security and justice as a common challenge – justice and home affairs in the EU after the treaty of Lisbon


The treaty of Lisbon was an important reform step for the European Union. One of the fields that have undergone the most significant changes is the “Area of Freedom, Justice and Security”. As it touches upon key competences of the state, it has always been a major issue of debate and dispute.

Objectives of the seminar
* analyse what changes the treaty of Lisbon brought about for the “Area of Freedom, Justice and Security”;
* assess the challenges for the EU in this policy area in view of efficiency and legitimacy in the years to come;
* advise on potentials and limits for further cooperation and integration.

As in last years the seminar will feature speakers and high-level experts from international organisations, business, politics, NGOs, as well as recognised researchers.

For the draft of the programme click here.

* The seminar addresses primarily PhD students and young professionals working in public administrations, diplomatic services, NGOs, national ministries, interest groups, the media, etc.
* Excellent undergraduate students can be accepted exceptionally.
* Teaching language is English.

Cost and Scholarship
* The tuition fee is 550€ for professionals and 250€ for PhD students – including course materials, accommodation and meals.
* Travel costs are not reimbursed
* Scholarships are available on the basis of excellence and financial status (please indicate on your application if you wish to be considered for one and justify your demand).

Application procedure
All interested applicant should submit cover letter, CV and certificates to Nicole Ahler at: [email protected]

The application deadline is 14th June 2010.

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