The One Minutes

Deadline: 01/12/2010

The One Minutes (TOM) is a brand name for moving images that last exactly one minute. It fits well in our world of looking quickly, understanding immediately and it is a response to the influence of commercials, video clips and the increased affordability of camera’s, computers and access to Internet.

The One Minutes contribute to a rich and divers picture of the world. It provides conditions for creating new artworks and offers an international platform and a broad audience to artists around the world.

Since 2000 The One Minutes organizes an annual competition for the best one minutes videos. For 2011 the annual awards are connected to the launch of The One Minutes Magazine, series of One Minute video art to which a selective group of podia can subscribe. It will appear on a monthly basis.

Contest categories
* video performance;
* cut and paste;
* fairground attraction;
* mini road movie;
* micro commercial;
* a small history.


* 6 videos per category will be nominated for the tommy awards plus cash prize.
* From each category a larger selection of 24 videos will be used as a series for the new one minutes magazine to which a selective group of podia can subscribe.
* The annual awards night will be in February 2011.

Technical requirements
* All entries must be of broadcast quality.
* Please use 16:9 HD format. Export your movie as Quicktime or .avi at 720×576 pixels with dv-pal compressor, anamorphic, 25 frames per second and 48kHz sound.

Submission procedure
All interested participants need to fill out and submit the online application form and submit the dv-file on a data-cd or dvd to:

The One Minutes Foundation
Fred. Roeskestraat 98
1076 ED Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The submission deadline is 1st December 2010.

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