Bambi Foundation for contemporary non-object art

Deadline: Every first March, June, September and December

The Bambi Foundation supports contemporary non-object art projects.

The Bambi Foundation supports contemporary non-object art projects, with an emphasis on experimental cinema and projected image installations. The foundation accepts proposals from a wide range of artists, disciplines and medium, and focuses on works that cannot be easily accommodated by market-based art scenes. It offers a grant up to 8,000 euro per project and even more, depending on the requirements of the project.

In the previous year the foundation has supported projects of artists such as Brice Dellspreger, Catherine Sullivan, Mirjam Thormann and Adam Rabinowitz.

The committee assembles every three months (March, June, September and December), and the dead lines for applying are the first day of those months. Each application should include a short description of the project, timeframe, budget, a short description of the applying artist’s work, and images of previous works.

You can send your applications to: [email protected]

For more information, visit the official website.

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