Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Deadline: 10/01/2011
Open to: European and non-European students with Bachelor’s degree with good grades in Sport Sciences, Psychology, Social Psychology
Scholarships: eighteen scholarships

European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology programme (EMSEP)
Erasmus Mundus – EMSEP Scholarships

The European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology programme (EMSEP) is a joint programme organised by four leading European universities in the field: the University of Jyv EURO ¦äskyl EURO ¦ä, Finland; the University of Leipzig, Germany; the University of Thessaly, Greece, and Lund University, Sweden. The two-year full-time EMSEP programme is taught completely in English and it offers education opportunities for students of all nationalities. EMSEP provides you with high-quality teaching in a truly international environment, study abroad period, valuable hands-on experience through internship, networking with fellow students and experts, and a double degree.

The EMSEP consortium offers scholarships for both European and non-European students. The scholarships are funded by the European Commission and will be awarded to the best students on a competitive basis. There are eighteen scholarships available in the programme.

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship:

* Erasmus Mundus scholarships are awarded exclusively for full-time enrolment in the master’s programme.
* Scholarship candidates must have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree or attained the equivalent level of education, in accordance with their national legislation and practices.
* Individuals who have already benefited from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship are not eligible for a second Erasmus Mundus scholarship.
* Students benefiting from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship cannot benefit from another Community grant while pursuing their Erasmus Mundus masters studies.
* A student applying for the Category A scholarship cannot be residents or have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the EU/EEA countries.
* The maximum number of Erasmus Mundus Masters programmes for which students can apply is 3. In the eventual case that a student applies to more than three Erasmus Mundus programmes he/she will be excluded from the selection for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.
* According to the European Commission rules, no more than 2 of the students selected for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship should have the same nationality. This means that the scholarships will also be allocated on the basis of nationality.

Admission Requirements

* Previous studies – Bachelor’s degree with good grades in Sport Sciences, Psychology, Social Psychology or other relevant field
* Proof of English language proficiency
* Proven interest in the field of sport and exercise psychology
* Basic knowledge of research methodology

Application steps

1. Sign in for the centralised application service provided by the University Admissions Finland. You are asked to create an user account and fill in an application template. The information you have given on the template will be compiled into a pdf-document, which will become your Application Form as you print it out.

2. Print the application form or have it sent to your email for later printing.

3. Sign the application form.

4. Collect the supporting documents which the programme requires. They are listed on the first page of the Application Form. Mark down your Application Form number into every document, and the number together with the name of the university into the lower left corner of the envelope.

5. Send the application via postal mail to University Admissions Finland:

University Admissions Finland
Snellmaninkatu 14 B
FI-00170 Helsinki

If you use a courier service please also mark down the University Admissions Finland’s phone number +358 (0)9 191 23528.

Contact detail:

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