Euro–Arab Training Course for Cooperation Youth Projects

Deadline: 15 October 2010
Open to: youth leaders of youth organisations and of youth projects in
member states of the Council of Europe and of the League of Arab States, aged  18-30
the board and lodging as well as travel expenses are covered
Dates: November 2010 – November 2011

Council of Europe and the League of Arab States are aiming to develop the capacity of youth organisations active in Euro-Arab cooperation, in the areas of non-formal learning, training and intercultural dialogue.

Background for the course

Euro-Arab youth cooperation was initiated more than 15 years ago by the Council of Europe with a series of activities in the area of Euro-Arab Dialogue. Nonetheless, the most important area of cooperation in the recent years has been in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in particular through the human rights education and intercultural dialogue of the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth.

Aim of the course

The course aims at supporting Euro-Arab youth cooperation by developing the competences of thirty leaders of youth organisations from the Council of Europe and the League of Arab States as well as to support the development and the implementation of innovative projects for youth policy development, youth participation and intercultural dialogue through non formal learning and by youth organisations.

Participants’ projects criteria

During this course, each participant will have to develop a concrete project to be implemented with young people, based on non formal learning and intercultural dialogue. The projects should start after the first residential seminar in Strasbourg (5th – 13th December 2010)

Profile and selection of participants

The course is organised for youth leaders of youth organisations and of youth projects in
member states of the Council of Europe and of the League of Arab States who are:
• Having some experience in running youth projects and intending to engage further in
Euro-Arab youth cooperation ones;
• Supported by their organisations for participating in the course and in their
intentions to contribute to increased Euro-Arab youth cooperation;
• Motivated to learn and to share their experiences on youth work and youth policy;
• Able to act as trainers or multipliers within their organisations;
• Committed to develop and implement a cooperation project;
• Able to work in Arabic or/and English (if needed, simultaneous interpretation
Arabic-English will be provided for the duration of the course)
• Available to attend the full duration of the course including the e-learning and
project development phases;
• Be aged between 18 and 30 years (preferably).

Working languages

The course will be held in English and Arabic. If needed, simultaneous interpretation will be provided for the residential seminars. Documents for the seminars and for the elearning phase will be made available in both languages where possible and if necessary.

Financial conditions

Board and lodging as well as the travel expenses for the seminars will be covered.
The co-organisers will not cover the costs of using the Internet during the e-learning phases. Participation in these phases will not require the purchase of extra software by the participants.
The Council of Europe and he League of Arab States will not directly fund or co-fund projects to be developed by participants, as this is a responsibility of the latter and of their organisation. However, both institutions are committed to provide participants with the necessary educational and institutional support needed for the development of their projects.

Procedure for applications

All applicants from European countries should apply using an Internet-based application form. The form is available, after registration on the website.
In case of technical difficulties, please contact Ms. Viktoria Karpatska at
Applications must be submitted in English.

All interested persons from Arab states should contact the office of the League of Arab States by email: for receiving information about the application procedure.

The support letter for the candidate should be presented by their sending organisation. The recommendation letter can either be uploaded on the website mentioned above, or sent separately by email to the respective person in charge of receiving the application. Applicants without recommendation letter will not be considered.

The applicants must provide also a brief outline of the project that they intend to develop and implement during the course. The project outline is important to illustrate what the applicant has in mind and the social context within which the project is placed. The possible acceptance of an applicant does not imply, for the Council of Europe or for the League of Arab States, automatic support or acceptance of the project.

Deadline for applications

All applications must be completed, validated and sent by the 15th of October 2010. Selected candidates will be informed of their selection by the 22nd of October 2010. A waiting list may be drawn up.

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