Internship in German Companies for Balkan Countries

Deadline: 14 November 2010 in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and BiH; 21 November 2010 in Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.
Open to: students from the higher semesters and postgraduates with first job experiences under 30, mainly studies with focus on business or engineering.
Allowance: monthly allowance, accommodation and insurance covered by the companies
Duration: from 3 to 6 months

About the Programme

Within the framework of the Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme, young graduates and students complete three to six months long internships in leading German companies and they get an insight in German business culture. After their stay in Germany, the students will use their experience and contacts to support the reconstruction in their home countries. The programme serves to intensify the regional reconciliation, economic relations and create a cross-sectoral network of young, cosmopolitan professionals in the region.


The trainees get a monthly allowance. This money is provided by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The companies bear the costs for accommodation and insurances. The programme also provides German language courses.

Trainees take part in a four-day introductory programme in Berlin prior to the internships, where they can learn about German institutions and attend seminars on German business culuture.

Target group

Education: mainly studies with focus on business or engineering.
Level of education: Students from the higher semesters and postgraduates with first job experiences.
Age: The candidates should not be older than 30 years.
Languages: very good command of English and / or German.

The application procedure

The application procedure consists of
* a written online application
* an interview
* and the selection of recommended candidates by the companies.

The overview shows which areas of studies are necessary for an internship in the listed industries.

You will find the online application forms here.

Before you apply online you should prepare the following documents:
* a letter of  motivation (1-2 pages in German or English)
* CV (in German or English)
* your picture (in a common graphics format e.g. JPG), as a separate document
* a scanned transcript of your courses and marks (with self provided translation in English or German, for the email application it is not necessary to send official translations)
* other scanned documents (e.g. language diplomas, letters of reference)

Please complete your online application by 14.11.2010 in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and by 21.11.2010 in Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted!

More info on the official webpage.

4 thoughts on “Internship in German Companies for Balkan Countries

    1. Mladiinfo does not give scholarships or any financial support, but only informs about different opportunities. Click on the direct link to the official page above to apply for the program.

      If you are eligible, you should complete the application form to apply.

  1. If I apply for internship in architecture and I don`t have good knowledge in German language, do I have a chance to enter? Or when does it starts, do I have time to learn German till than?
    Thank You

    1. Dear Elena,

      please read through the text thoroughly – "Until the beginning of March the companies should decide for a candidate. The start of the internships is planned by end May / beginning of June. Intensive language courses start in the second half of May."

      And for architecture, you need to have a good command of German, so I would advise you to take up some German classes and try to apply next year.

      Many happy classes,

      Kristina, mladiinfo

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