Winners of the Mladiinfo article contest

by Freddy The Boy©

Dear young writers, journalists and journalists- and writers-to-be,

as you already might have noticed, the Mladiinfo contest for the best article is over and we were pleasantly surprised by the great interest it was met with: we have gathered 32 articles from different countries around the world in only one month.

Our small, but bright and efficient committee read all the articles, put their heads together and agreed to support and publish 18 of them.

Mladiinfo is proud to announce the following winning articles:

Anastazija Dimitrova – The sacred union between macedonian students and the university
Anastazija Mladenovska – QUID PRO QUO
Anna Sulewska – “To want” means “to be able to”
Charlotte Buchanan – Incredible Lessons from India
Cveta Vrangova – Homosexual discrimination still an issue in Bulgaria
Jovana Vukcevic – Should I stay or should I go
Mariela Georgieva – 24 hours
Marija Arsovska – Macedonian girl in Moscow
Slavomíra Gašperová – Oktoberfest–not only a beer celebration!
Tamara Atanasoska – Enjoy Madrid
Tamara Trajkovski – Travel all around the world, and buy a cup
Tomas Marcinkevicius – Stereotypical Stereotype Breaker
Tomas Marcinkevicius -The Baltic States: a bit more diverse than you (probably) imagined
Vanesa Vazharova – International Youth Conference on Biodiversity in Aichi 2010
Vasko Josevski – Bottled Europe
Zuzana Ruscakova – I love Denmark
Zuzana Révészová – Just one short story of presence
Zuzana Bujnakova – Have you ever thought there was another way?

Articles will be published on Mladiinfo in the folowing period (not in the order listed above though).

Thank you for your interest, guys, and be aware that Mladiinfo is planning to announce more contests, so stay tuned for what the Mladiinfo team will cook for you.

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