Relaxd Award 2011, Netherlands

Deadline: 18 February 2011
Open to: students not older than 20
Prizes: €1000 for winner

The Relaxd award is yearly contest by Relaxd – web-based company from the Netherlands. With the Relaxd Award, Relaxd would like to seduce visitors of thier website something beautiful. People at Relaxd, think that if you are relaxed you discover what you like and what your talents are. The main theme for the Relaxd Award 2011 is “I’m Relaxd, You’re Relaxd“.


Relaxd think that if you are relaxed you discover what you like and what your talents are. If more and more people get relaxed, our planet would get a bit more relaxed as well. If you use your talents, you can achieve what ever you want.With the Relaxd Award, Relaxd would also like to seduce you to think about the theme and to make something beautiful.


  • The Relaxd Award 2011 is open to entrants not older than 20 (if you are under 16, you declare by sending in your submission that you have gotten permission from your parent(s)/guardian(s) to participate in the Relaxd Award)

What to do?

  • photo and video entries are accepted
  • you yourself are responsible for the content of the submission,  Relaxd can not be held accountable for any possible damage resulting from the content of the submissions for the Relaxd Award. This includes copyrights
  • hurtful, violent, discriminating, threatening and/or insulting content will not be accepted.
  • you agree that your submission may be used, spread, published and/or copied by Relaxd, without prior consent and without financial compensation.
  • you agree that your name is mentioned with the possible use of your submission
  • the winner is responsible for possible taxes that have to be paid after receiving the prize
  • if two months after publication of the winning submission the winner has not responded to the emails sent by Relaxd, the winner no longer has a right to the prize
  • no correspondence is done in regard to the results of the Relaxd Award


First price –  €1000 (best photo/video)

Enter the contest

You upload your video or photo to your own website or to your account on Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Then afterward, please send Relaxd a hyperlink to your video or photo.

Send your links via email:  [email protected]

Official website

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