Music Scholarships at the University of Kent, UK

Deadline: none, but as early as possible prior to the start of the academic year
Open to: undergraduates and postgraduates registrants of the University of Kent
Scholarships: up to £5,000/year; up to £500 of free vocal or instrumental tuition per year

Music Scholarships are awarded to around 35 students each year. In return, the University expects the recipient to make a major contribution to the musical life of the campus. Scholarships will normally be allocated only to those whose musical interests and talents can be supported within the University community.

There are two types of University Music Scholarship:

1.University Music Scholarship

Worth up to £5,000 per year – paid in two equal installments during the academic year. Open to all new undergraduate or postgraduate registrants.

2. University Music Lesson Scholarship

Worth up to £500 of free vocal or instrumental tuition per year. The University awards a number of Music Lesson Scholarships to enable students to continue with their instrumental and vocal studies whilst at Kent. Lessons are arranged with experienced teachers throughout the South East. Open to all undergraduate or postgraduate registrants.

Application Procedure

First, you have to be accepted to the University of Kent. New students should apply once you have received an offer from the University of Kent.

You should download the Application Form to apply and, once completed, e-mail it to the Director of Music:

There is no deadline prior to the start of the academic year, but early application for both scholarships is advisable. Applications will only be considered up to midday on Tuesday of Week 1, except in exceptional circumstances. It is vital that students who have submitted an application arrange an interview with the Director of Music as soon as they arrive at the University – these will be held in a number of Office Hours which will be published on-line prior to the start of term.

Interviews will be held until the end of Week 1 at which point your audition will be arranged.


If you would like to discuss your Music Scholarships application, or want to find out how you can get involved in music at the University of Kent, contact Susan Wanless, Director of University Music, Tel 0044 01227 823305

More info on the official website.

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