Erasmus Mundus PhD TEEME in Humanities

Deadline: 16 January 2010
Open to: MA holders in any area of literature, history or cultural studies/Humanities
Scholarship: 1400€ a month

TEEME is an international doctoral programme in early modern studies funded by the European Union. It is structured around a unique collaboration between university-based researchers in the Humanities and the cultural and creative sector in four EU countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic). The partnership will foster intercultural dialogue and disseminate the best research in history, literature and culture to the wider community.

TEEME aims to integrate the study of the past with impact on the present. Our principal intellectual concern is the early modern period, understood as lasting from c. 1400 to c. 1700, the foundational age of the current world order with its political divisions and economic dependencies, in which modern European identities were formed in the context of nation-building, imperial ambition and colonial expansion. Students on the programme will bring this period into meaningful relations with current issues and concerns by focusing on the enduring traces that early modern texts and events left, and still leave, on today’s globalized world. History, literature and culture will thus be taught and studied as central to the shaping of the future.


All Erasmus Mundus Fellowship holders on the TEEME programme will benefit from Fellowship contracts covering monthly allowance, holidays, parental leave, social security and pension rights. Health insurance will be provided free of charge by the consortium for all doctoral candidates on the programme.

Fellowship holders can expect a monthly net contribution towards their living expenses of c. 1400€.


Candidates will normally be expected to hold a second-cycle degree which was awarded the best or second best grade available in their national system in any area of literature, history or cultural studies. Applicants from other Humanities or Social Science subjects will also be considered.

Candidates will need to demonstrate their eligibility and academic achievement through the submission of relevant documentation, including:

* detailed transcripts with grades and degree classification
* a copy of your degree certificates
* a current CV (European format)
* a certificate of language ability
* a statement of purpose (500 words max)
* a research proposal including justification of the proposed mobility pathway (1500 words max)
* the names of two referees who will attest to the applicant’s academic standing and potential

Application Procedures

Please note: You will be applying through the University of Kent online application system. There is a generic online ‘application checklist’ available on the general admissions page which you are encouraged to consult for further advice on the various stages of the application. But please be aware that this checklist is used for over 200 different programmes of study within the University of Kent, so it may not at all points correspond to the advice given on this page. If you encounter any differences, the information on the TEEME pages is to be considered authoritative.


Please read carefully through the Application guidelines. Make sure that your application documents contain all the information required by the selection panel. If vital documentation is missing, the consortium will make every effort to contact you and give you a chance to amend your application, but we can only do so prior to the deadline of 16th January 2011. So the earlier you apply the better your chances are of having the application completed on time.

Please complete the TEEME Application Cover Sheet. You will need to complete this sheet electronically, print it off, sign it, get it scanned, and then have the scanned version ready to be uploaded on to the electronic application form under section 8 (where you will be prompted to do so).


In addition to the Application Cover Sheet, you need to have the following documents ready on your computer to be uploaded onto the web. Under each heading you will only be allowed to upload one single file, so in case you have to include more than one document (for example, original plus translation) you will have to put all these documents into a single file first. Please ensure that each file is no bigger than 5MB and that you use only the following formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf.

* Research Proposal (max 1500 words)
* Statement of Purpose (max 500 words)
* Your most recent CV using the European CV format
* Your degree certificate(s) – plus certified translations into English in case your certificates are not in one of the four consortium languages
* Your interim or final transcripts – plus certified translations into English in case your transcripts are not in one of the four consortium languages
* A copy of your passport or identity card


Log on to the University of Kent online admissions system. This link will take you directly to the TEEME programme: TEEME online application form

You will be asked first for your name, your date of birth, and your email address. Once you’ve submitted this information, an email will be sent to you with another link that takes you to the application form proper. (Note that as a security measure you will have to submit your date of birth a second time before you have full access.) Once your name and date of birth are on the system, you can interrupt the process of completing the online application form at any point by pressing the ‘Save for later’ button at the bottom of the form. The data you have already entered will be automatically saved.

The online application form has 8 sections you need to fill in.

Submit the online application form.

More info here.


If you require further advice on the application process please contact the general TEEME coordinator Bernhard Klein: [email protected]

The official website.

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