Eurodyssey, Exchange Programme

Deadline: all year
Open to:
young people  from 18 to 30, who are resident in one of the program’s member Regions
from 3 to 7 months

EURODYSSEY, the AER first programme, which was set up in 1985, aims at improving the chances of young Europeans to integrate into working life by offering them the opportunity of a work experience abroad. The Assembly of European Regions (AER), on the basis of the Founding Texts, implements the programme since its launch in 1985, in partnership with the Regions that are active in Eurodyssey. The AER is responsible for the general framework conditions of the programme as well as its general development and promotion.


Eurodyssée is an exchange programme between European Regions, which allows young job seekers aged between 18 and 30 to benefit from a traineeship placement abroad for a period between three to seven months.

In a tripartite arrangement, the regional administrations that are members of the Eurodyssey programme will submit the young persons application and profile to potential employers of their network in order to find a work placement for him/her.

The Objectives

  1. to integrate young people from all horizons and educational backgrounds,
  2. to gain professional experience,
  3. to get an opportunity to improve their knowledge of a foreign language,
  4. to put their social and cultural skills to the test,
  5. to enhance their employability and facilitate their adjustment to the international labour market.


On arrival in the Hosting Region, either trainees are responsible to find accommodation (with the Region’s assistance) or the Region fully grants the accommodation. In the second option, trainees will be housed in one of the following (depending on availability):
– young workers hostel Student’s residence
– flat
– with a family


– language course
– accommodation
– allowance or salary
– insurance cover

Trainees will either receive a grant or be paid a salary depending on how the Eurodyssée programme is run in the Region concerned. Bearing in mind the time the payment comes through, in some cases, trainees are advised to take enough money with them to cover their needs during the first month of the traineeship.

Insurance cover

An insurance policy covering personal accident, civil liability, and health and repatriation is taken out and financed for each trainee by the Eurodyssée general secretariat and the AER.


During their stay abroad, trainees are followed-up and assisted by the programme coordinators of the Hosting Region in dealing with all issues arising both at work and outside.

Most Regions organise visits, excursions and events designed to help the trainees assimilate and appreciate the culture of the host Region. In the month following the end of the work placement, trainees must submit a report to their home and/or Hosting Region. In general, the traineeship certificate is issued subject to reception of this report.


Step One

To participate in Eurodyssée, you have to find out first if your region is a member of the program. To do so, please check the regions listed here. Even if your region is not part of Eurodyssée, please check AER member regions list here, and contact your region.

Step Two

Then you should create your Eurodyssée profile. With it you will be able to apply to traineeships and follow all the steps and updates until you finish the traineeship. To create your profile click here.

Step Three

Afterwards, check all available traineeship offers and choose the one that best suits you. On the end of a traineeship offer description page you will find a link

The Official Webpage

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  1. Hello!

    I have a problem with my application process. I m from Macedonia. My country is not part of Eurodyssée, but is AER member. I supposed to contact the Eastern Region (Bregalnica) but there is no contact left. WHAT TO DO? Also I can't find my county to create my profile?!?!

    1. Cau, Dimitri,

      so, I did a small research and I found the same as you. Besides, as you may know, Bregalnica is a river, so it sounds really fishy to me. And there is no further contact, I would say the information about the region definitely up-to-date. Even on the EU web portal there are only I am sorry, but I cant tell you if you are eligible or not, so I would advise you to contact this person at the Eurodyssee General Secretariat: [email protected]

      Good luck,

      kristina, mladiinfo

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