William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India

Deadline:  1 January 2011
Open to: citizens / permanent residents of the United States between the ages of 21 and 35
Starting date: 1 September 2011

The AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service gives a select group of young American professionals the opportunity to serve with Indian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for ten months.  Fellows work in the three pillar areas of AIF: Public Health, Education, & Livelihoods. Some projects also occur in other innovative areas.  The AIF Clinton Fellowship Program aims to build the capacity of Indian NGOs while developing American leaders with a deep understanding of, and continued commitment to, India through an exchange of technical skills & intellectual resources that create meaningful transformative partnerships.   Since 2001, 265 Americans have worked with 115 Indian NGOs through the AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service.  Alumni of the program have become leaders in politics and public policy, social entrepreneurs, & business leaders, and have become a community of socially-conscious, internationally experienced and sensitive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Main mission of the program is to accelerate social and economic change in India & create lasting connection between young American leaders & Indian NGOs.

Selection Process

The selection process for the Fellowship is designed to identify candidates with an interest in serving India, the maturity and flexibility to work and live effectively in India, the experience to make meaningful contributions to Indian NGOs and the leadership potential to become American leaders on Indian development issues.  There are two application deadlines:

* November 15th, 2010: Early Application Deadline
* January 1st, 2011: Final Application Deadline

Fellowships are awarded to highly qualified individuals who

  • Demonstrate a deep interest, passion, commitment toward economic development work and India
  • Demonstrate a high potential for impact. Have a strong set of technical skills that can offer NGOs in India.
  • Demonstrate potential for leadership. Are willing to be entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative.
  • Are willing to engage in the full-time service of a non-governmental organization that is working to accelerate social and economic development in India.

AIF Clinton Fellowships are awarded to U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents who are at least 21 years of age and will have completed an undergraduate bachelor’s degree prior to starting this program. AIF Clinton Fellows have a wide range of educational and professional experience both in development and other areas of expertise.

The AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service in India selection committee takes into account several critical factors in assessing whether or not a candidate is a good fit with our fellowship program and shows a high potential for success. The selection criteria includes the following:

  • General knowledge of the development field and development issues in India
  • Ability to demonstrate a humble appreciation of other cultures and circumstances, and a willingness to acclimate to these differences
  • Thoughtful consideration for the role the Fellowship experience will play in their life
  • Ability and willingness to independently and creatively find ways to be helpful to the NGO served
  • Flexibility and adaptability to challenging living and working conditions


All applicants fill out an online application for the Clinton Fellowship program, which includes their educational background, work experience, and three essays about why they want to participate in the Fellowship program.

Based on their paper applications, the AIF Fellowship committee shortlists candidates to be interviewed according to the previously mentioned criteria. Each short-listed candidate is interviewed by panel, which includes former alumni, AIF staff, board members, and senior leaders in the development and business field.  Final group of Fellows is selected after the interviews are discussed and evaluated by the committee.

For more information visit Official website, or Apply online here.

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