Workshop for Creative Recycling, Hungary

Deadline: 3 January, 2011
Open to: educators, designers, artists, people from EU countries, who think about the environment with no age limit, and those international institutions’ co-workers who are committed to educating and developing not only themselves but other people as well.
Dates and Venue: 6 March 2011 – 14 March 2011, Budapest, Hungary
Costs: free for 20 applicants (travel, accommodation and meals are included)

About the Workshop

Meshwork Redesign: Lab 2011 for the creative recycling is a 9-day-long Grundtvig Workshop programme.

With the help of the trainers the participants can take a deeper look at the subject of recycling to evolve their creativity in this specific field. They can design, sketch and at the end realize objects used daily out of recycling materials with their own hands to evolve their ideas.

•    Number of participants: 20
•    Price: free for 20 applicants (travel, accommodation and meals are included)
•    Extra curricular activities included

The participants of the workshop arrive from a wide range of countries, with different backgrounds, experiences and skills. They put together what can be learnt from each other and how this knowledge can be implemented in their home countries. By the end of the course the participants will improve their knowledge in the field of creative recycling, might use the experience they accomplished by the training and the recycling attitude can be their every day task.

Main activities:
•    designing, implementation: the adult learners will be active participants and also modulators of the whole workshop, mutual learning process, exchange of experiences,
•    the participants develop their own creative ideas with the help of the trainers,
•    cognitions of technologies,
•    lecture, consultation with the invited teachers,
•    establishing future partnership.

The materials:
During the course the participants will work with enormous molinos used in public places for commercial purpose.
The substance of the molinos: looped polyester textile with PVC coating on both sides. Two types exist: the full and the net structured tarpaulin. Our group uses these materials systematically for well designed and completely recycled objects.

Please take a look at the Introduction to Recycling of Advertisement Surfaces here.

The first meeting will be held on the 6th March, afternoon, the day when participants arrive in Budapest. After the official opening ceremony, participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, then listen to Medence Csoport’ presentation on their works and have dinner together.
On the following days of the workshop the programmes will be held between 10AM and 6PM with lunch breaks included.
The last day will be the 14th March, in the morning with closing ceremony, handing out of the confirmation and the certificates of the attendance.  Afternoon –  departure of participants

Application process

If you wish to apply for this workshop, please send your motivation letter with personal information in it (name, address, schools, work places) via e-mail or post.

Deadline: 3rd January, 2011.


Workshop Organiser:
Medence Csoport Bt.
Address: MakettLabor
Hungary, Budapest, 1093, Pipa utca 4.
Tel/fax: +36 1 303 4881
Email: [email protected]

The official webpage.

2 thoughts on “Workshop for Creative Recycling, Hungary

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am 73 years old Bulgarian Marine Environmental Expert, Lecturer and Writer, (, very near to the Creative Recycling.

    Especially I have interested to develop any recycling programme to utilize THE DANUBE RIVER or BALATON LAKE SHELLS.


    Sincerely Yours,

    Eng. Bogomil K AVRAMOV-HEMY, Academician IBLEA-1988.

    1. Dear Mr. Avramov-Hemy,

      thank you very much for your feedback. We are overwhelmed that besides youth, there are also individuals from the elderly population that take interest and initiative in this very important issue.

      Mladiinfo serves to disseminate information about different opportunities. On this issue, it may be useful for you to contact the organizers of the workshop and share your common interests.

      Medence Csoport Bt.

      Address: MakettLabor

      Hungary, Budapest, 1093, Pipa utca 4.

      Tel/fax: +36 1 303 4881

      Email: [email protected]

      Best regards,



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