enGender Peacebuilding: 1325 Reasons to Do So!, Baku, Azerbaijan

Deadline: 11 March 2011
Open to: young people aged 18-30
Costs: no fee, organizers will pay local transportation, accommodation, meals. Limited scholarships available to cover travel expenses
Venue: 28 March – 1 April 2011, Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Youth Euro-Atlantic Organization in cooperation with Youth Generation (Moldova), My Tutor (Lithuania), Youth Association Droni (Georgia) and Georgian Youth Atlantic Treaty Association and financial support of European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe presents its new project International seminar ”enGender Peacebuilding: 1325 reasons to do so!”.

This seminar is meant to critically look at the gender dimension of peacebuilding which is measured by known critics as likely gender blind and does not consider the importance of integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment into the peacebuilding progression. In particular, in the context of the regions of Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus, where strong feminine discourse is out of agenda, but severe outcomes of conflicts still exist, this issue needs to be addressed.


Young people aged 18-30


The application form and CV should be sent directly to the email address of office@agaat.az.


Organizers will cover the expenses of the local transportation, accommodation, meals and educational materials for the participants. Limited number of scholarships for covering travel expenses of the participants is available.



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  1. Hello Mladiinfo,

    can you help me with one detail in here?? I tried to find how can I apply for scholarship for covering travel expenses? IS THERE ANY SPECIAL FORM TO FILL IN? or if you apply for it you are automatically considered for it ??

    Best regards

  2. Hello,

    I am a master student in human rights and am writing my thesis on 1325. Unfortunately I only saw this website now and missed the deadline, is there anyway that I could get the materials and content of discussions of these meetings?

    thank you so much


    1. Hello, Mariana,

      I am not sure if you saw the below comment of AYEAO, but here it is again.

      "Dear Mariana

      There will be mostly the lectures,so I don’t think, we will have any hard copy of materials. However ,you can send your mail address to office@agaat.az and if we have anything , we will definitely contact with you)

      Best regards,


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