Policy Making and Politics at the Local Level, Slovakia

Deadline: 15 April 2011
Open to: students aged 18 to 36 from the affiliated partner organizations
Costs: travelling, boarding and lodging will reimbursed by the organizer. No fee
Venue: 19 June – 3 July 2011, Košice, Slovakia

Weak establishment and a lack of tradition of the courses linked to local governmental related issues in the Central and Eastern European countries is associated with both – a lack of political studies before 1989 and a lack of research aimed at the local political issues after 1989, which can also be seen in comparison with research aimed at the national or international political issues. Therefore the fundamental aim of the project “Politics and Policy-Making at the Local Level” (POL-LOC) is:
* conduce university students and perspective university teachers/researchers from the CEE countries to enhance the focus on local government and related issues
* advance the courses linked to local government and related issues

The program of the summer school consists of several types of educational activities, in order to meet the project objectives. Main activities will consist of:
* Lectures
* Discussions
* Workshops
* Field trip
* Cultural trips


Participants must be bachelor,  master or PhD students, aged 18 to 36 years old from the affiliated partner organisations.


Each applicant must download the form/s here, fill in all required entries, and send it.
Every completed application form must be sent to polloc@tuke.sk.


The participants’ costs linked to travelling, boarding and lodging are reimbursed by the Organizer.
Every participant must clear the title to reimbursement of his/her travelling costs. It means that he/she adduces his/her travel costs by originals of his/her travel tickets. Without them, the Organizer cannot reimburse travel costs. The Organizer only can reimburse low-cost carriers or economy low-fare plane tickets or second class train/coach tickets.


If there is an applicant who is not affiliated with any of the partner universities/faculties, he/she is considered as self-payer. It means that the Organizer is entitled to disapprove a reimbursement of his/her costs linked to travelling, boarding or lodging.

Since the self-payers are not affiliated with any of the partner universities/faculties, the Organizer is entitled to request a participation fee from them. Basically, the request for participation fee is sent to the self-payers together with approvals of their participation.


Technical University of Košice
Faculty of Economics
Project POL-LOC
B. Nemcovej 32
04001 Kosice

Telephone: +421 556 023 296 or +421 903 563 362
Fax: +421 556 023 294
E-mail: polloc@tuke.sk or daniel.klimovsky@tuke.sk 


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