Italian Government Scholarships

Deadline: 2 May 2011
Open to: Italian speakers, holders of secondary school diploma, Bachelor’s degree, the certificate of enrolment
Scholarships: a return ticket, a monthly stipend, health/accident insurance

Italian Government Study Grants for Foreigners

Study grants are awarded by the Italian Government  to foreigners as a contribution toward their studies and research in Italy, aiming  at spreading the Italian language, culture and sciences abroad and at promoting cultural, economic and technological cooperation worldwide.

Study grants are awarded for study or research at the following types of legally accredited institutions:
o  universities or university or poly-technical institutes;
o  institutes for advanced artistic or musical training;
o  restoration institutes;
o  National School of Cinema;
o  research labs or centres, libraries, archives and museums associated with graduate and undergraduate university courses in which the candidate is obliged to enrol.

Types of Grants

Applicants may request Study grants for:

  • BRIEF LANGUAGE COURSES (3 months): possibly in preparation for enrolment in university and post-university degree courses in Italy.
  • INDIVIDUAL UNIVERSITY COURSES: all subjects are included; at the end of the course the grant holder will be required to pass the relevant examination.
  • DEGREE COURSES: since enrolment in certain degree courses involves a selection process, in accordance with Law no. 264/99, applicants are advised to submit alternative study programmes, even at more than one university, in order to avoid suspension of the grant in the case  of non-admission to the course of study chosen. The same type of study and degree must be maintained.
  • COURSES IN ADVANCED MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC TRAINING: to be completed at advanced music, art and dance training institutes (academies, conservatories, ISIA, etc.), at institutes of restoration and the National School of Cinema, for which a high school diploma is required.
  • ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE COURSES FOR TEACHERS OF ITALIAN (1 or 3 months): Italian language and culture courses are reserved for non-Italian teachers of the Italian language and university students of Italian enrolled for at least 3 years. Grants are awarded for the study of the Italian language, and the teaching of it, at the universities for Foreigners in Perugia, Siena and Rome (Roma Tre) or other accredited institutions that issue certificates of Italian as a Second Language (L2).
  • POST-GRADUATE UNIVERSITY COURSES: Courses for the Masters I and II level (of at least one academic year’s duration), research doctorate (PhD) and specialisations:
    RESEARCH DOCTORATE: Each individual university has its own rules for admission to the doctorate in research, and it is recommended that these be consulted by checking the institution’s internet site. Since this is generally a competitive selection process, in order to increase the chances of success it would be advisable to apply to several universities.
    MASTERS: The diplomatic representations will see to it that grant candidates are informed of the high costs involved and the possibility that the masters programme will require studying in institutions outside of Italy, sometimes for months at a time. Moreover, admission to a masters programme often involves a selection process and a minimum number of students, therefore the grant holder should be informed of the real possibility of enrolling in the course since there is the risk of losing the grant benefit if the masters course is annulled.
    SCHOOL OF SPECIALISATION.  Excluding medical disciplines
  • RESEARCH: in all disciplines, with the obligation of enrolment in and attendance of undergraduate and post-graduate university courses. A letter of acceptance from the Dean of the academic institution is compulsory. At the end of the course the grant holder will be required to take an exam; such obligation does not exist  for grant holders enrolled at the CNR, at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and at other similar research institutions.

Period of Use and Duration of Grants

With the sole exception of brief Italian language and culture courses (1 or 3 months), the study grants awarded are for 9 months. Applications for grants of a different duration cannot be accepted. Grant recipients are reminded that payment of monthly allowance will start in January 2012. Awarded grants are to be used exclusively during the academic year 2011-2012.

Requirements and Eligibility

To be eligible for study grants (except the case of language course), students must have the following prerequisites:

1. Knowledge of the Italian language
Knowledge of the Italian language is indispensable  and must be certified or ascertained in an interview at the Italian Cultural Institute or at the Cultural Office of the local Italian diplomatic Mission or at the Italian studies Department of the applicant’s university.

2.  Educational Credentials
Candidates must have the credentials requested for enrolment in the institution of
their choice. All credentials and certificates of study must be submitted along with their Italian translation, which must be certified as conforming with the foreign language texts by the Italian diplomatic Mission, i.e. by an official translator along with a statement attesting (dichiarazione di valore in loco) the authenticity of the credentials prepared by the Italian diplomatic Mission.
•  Degree courses at Italian universities: the candidate must have a secondary school diploma valid for the enrolment in a university.
•  Masters programmes (I or II level) at Italian universities: candidates must have a degree equal to the Italian baccalaureate (Bachelor’s degree), along with any other documentation that may be required by the chosen institution.
•  Individual courses: the certificate of enrolment issued by the university for foreigners is usually sufficient.
•  Art and music institutes: it requires certification of having concluded a cycle of secondary school studies valid for admission to accredited State academies or conservatories.
•  Italian language and culture courses: a secondary school diploma is required.

3. Age Limits
The age limit for obtaining a study grant is cited in bilateral Cultural Agreement Executive Programmes. Where not expressly established, the age limit is 35 years. However, this age limit does not apply to applicants who are Italian language teachers and actively engaged in teaching Italian.

Application Process

1 Presentation and expiration of Application. After registering here, applicants will be able to access a multilingual on-line application form. After specifying language, country of nationality and whether the application is new or a renewal, the applicant then fills out the form; a draft can be saved and changed up until its final submission.
If necessary, applicants can request help filling out the form at their nearest Italian Diplomatic Mission or Cultural Institute.

Passport digital image’s Upload.
The on line application must be completed by uploading a digital image of the passport showing the applicant’s photo.

On-line forms must be submitted by May 2nd 2011.

Please remember to check (by asking the Italian Mission) if you also need to send the diplomatic mission the Application Form printed in paper form and signed, with passport-style photo attached.

Applicants may also send via email to the Italian Mission: Letters of introduction
from academic authorities (not required if applicant is unable to produce them due to
difficult political conditions, as in the case of refugees or displaced persons); Letter
of acceptance (where required) from the host institution.

Completion of Application

At the end of the Commission’s evaluation, applicants selected will be asked via e-mail to complete their applications and, by a specified date, to present themselves at the Italian diplomatic Mission in order to submit the following documents:
Passport or other valid ID paper.
Citizenship Certificate.
Original version of all the study and academic titles declared in the on-line application.
Signed Letter of Commitment
o  Non EU grant holders must present a  medical certificate ensuring the applicant’s good health, accompanied by a translation in Italian (legally recognised by Italian Authorities), in order to issue the compulsory insurance policy.

Applicants selected will receive the  Memorandum for Grant Holders and an Insurance Policy Information Sheet by e-mail from the Italian diplomatic Mission.

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  1. I am a diploma holder in electrical engineering from Bangladesh.Please sand information for Bangladeshi diploma Students.i like to Italian language and i complited the Italian language courses.communication proces for Bangladeshi diploma Students.

    1. Dear MD,

      I don't understand what you are asking about: you would like to start an Italian language courses or start a Master? For Master, you have to have a Letter of Acceptance from your chosen host institution.

      In any case, please, try to contact your nearest Italian Diplomatic Mission or Cultural Institute.



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