Waves of Democracy Youth Conference, Serbia

Deadline: 10 April 2011
Open to: young people/students from Macedonia
Fees: not stated
Venue: 30 June  – 7 July 2011, Belgrade, Serbia

Waves of Democracy Serbia 2011 is organised by IUC-Europe and Global Citizen in co-operation with European Movement Serbia. Waves of Democracy 2011 takes place in Belgrade, Serbia. The event starts on June 30 and ends on July 7 2011.


The follow up project in Belgrade 2011 will take its starting-point in the results from the 2010 seminar, but will be more ambitious and structured. It will have 2 major strands:

–          Networking seminar for the newly established network YouCi and other European youth networks, who will be invited to share experiences, best practices and knowledge. A major player in this part of the seminar will be IUC Europe´s partner Global Citizen, who has set up an open innovation virtual platform for global solutions – a unique tool for students, academics and decision – makers.

–          Citizenship Education seminar taking its starting point in the experiences from last year´s Waves of Democracy conference and from the work conducted by e.g. NECE (Networking European Citizenship Education ) and the initiative “A Soul For Europe . Analyses and academic presentations focusing on culture and politics in the WB and Europe will form the basis for solution oriented workshops dealing with issues such as:  New Fields of Action for Cultural and Citizenship Education, Cultural and Citizenship Education in the Environment of Economy, Cultural and Citizenship Education Accompanying New Models of Participation, The Role of Cultural Citizenship Education in Processes of Change, The Significance and Citizenship Education for Sustainable Urban Development. The results of the work will be compiled in a best practice handbook to be presented at the conference and on the internet/project website.


–          European Networking in a Global Context

–          Culture and Politics in Citizenship Education


Young people/students from Macedonia interested in this topic.

Application Process

Please download the application form here. Fill in and send to ondrej@mladiinfo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it no later than 20 April 2011.

Application Form

The Official Website


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    1. Hi, Arslan,

      please, if you clicked through the webpage, you would find this: "According to our Youth in Action application we will during our first step recruit 10 participants from Denmark, 10 from Serbia, 5 from Macedonia, 5 from Germany, 5 from France and 5 from the Netherlands."

      And I think each country has its responsible organization who chooses people.




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