Committee of the Regions Traineeships

Deadline: 8 April 2011
Open to: university degree holders, EU or candidate country citizens under 32
Monthly Grant: 1.000 EUR
Duration: 5 months

Each year, the Committee of the Regions (CoR) provides a limited number of internships for young citizens, from Europe and elsewhere, offering them the opportunity to acquire work experience in a European institution.

Each year, the Committee of the Regions offers young university graduates a limited number of five-month traineeships (stages). These training periods involve work experience in one of the Committee of the Regions’ services, and run from 16 February until 15 July (spring traineeships) or from 16 September until 15 February (autumn traineeships).

In general terms, the objective of in-service training at the Committee of the Regions is:

  • to give trainees a general idea of the objectives of and problems encountered in the European integration process;
  • to provide them with practical knowledge of the workings of the Committee’s services;
  • to enable them to acquire personal experience in an multi-cultural public working environment through contacts made in their everyday work;
  • to enable them to develop and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their studies or careers.
  • Admission to in-service training does not give trainees the status of officials or of other staff members of the European Communities.


To apply for a traineeship at the Committee of the Regions, a number of basic requirements must be fulfilled (by the beginning of the traineeship period). Applicants must:

  • be a national of one of the Member States or a State that is a candidate for accession
  • either hold a university degree (or an equivalent diploma) awarded after at least three years of study, or have successfully completed at least four years (eight semesters) of university studies;
  • or be employed in the public or private sector, provided that they have a university or equivalent degree or have been engaged for at least three years in planning or advisory duties.
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the Community Languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another of these languages, one of which has to be either English or French (working languages)

Given the fact that the CoR traineeship programme is primarily aimed at young graduates at the beginning of their career, trainees must in principle be less than thirty-two (32) years old at the beginning of their traineeship.


CoR trainees on a paid internship who are not gainfully employed are in principle entitled to a monthly grant. The current monthly grant is 1.000 euros.

An additional monthly allowance of 100 euros can be awarded to a married trainee whose spouse is not gainfully employed.


How to Apply

The deadline for on-line applications for the traineeships period 16/09/2011 – 15/02/2012 has been extended to Friday, 8th April 2011 (till midnight).

The on-line application form is available on the following website: ENDEFR

Please note that the on-line application form is available only in the Committee of the Regions’ main working languages, English and French.

Once an application has been submitted electronically, the Traineeship Office will send an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail. It is therefore very important to give your correct e-mail address on the application form.

With this e-mail, candidates will also receive a personal access code that will allow them to check the status of their application on-line later on (see the tentative timeframe set out below).

more information: The Official Website



14 thoughts on “Committee of the Regions Traineeships

  1. Dear Madam/ Sir,

    I would like to know whether if I apply now for the traineeship I am appling for the period 16 September to 15 February 2012 too, or only the first period September 2011- February 2012?

    Kind regards,

    Bojana Popadic

    1. Dear Bojana,

      The 8th April deadline is "for on-line applications for the traineeships period 16/09/2011 – 15/02/2012". And generally, I don't understand what you are asking about: there is no difference between 16 September to 15 February 2012 and September 2011- February 2012.

      Please, read.



  2. Hello,

    I am coming from Albania.

    Is there possible for me to apply for this traineeship, considering the fact that Albania is a potential candidate state?

    Kind regards,


    1. Dear, Lira,

      I am sorry to announce you but Albania is not a candidate state. And, unfortunately, I don't think it will change too soon.

      All the best,


    1. Dear claire,

      It appears it's too early for those applications. You will have to either wait a while, or contact the Committee and ask them your question.

      Kind regards

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to learn whether is it posaible do shorten the duration of the internship to 3 months. I am currently enrolled in a university and unfortunately that is the maximum period that I am available.

    Kind regards,

    Nil P.

    1. Dear Nil,

      Please direct your question to the Committee of the Regions, because Mladiinfo is not the organizer of this traineeship, and we do not determine the rules.

      Kind regards

  4. Dear Elena,

    I would like to know if the Committee of the Regions provides any accommodation for its trainees, such as flats immediately available for every internship period. Thank you!


    1. Dear Anna,

      That is not really a question which we could answer. For that kind of specific information you might want to try the Committee of the Regions. But now I see that it is quite possible that this opportunity is no longer available. Again, you need to consult the Committee of the Regions for this issue as well.

      Kind regards

    1. Hi Aleksandra,

      I didn't quite understand the question. You want to know when is the deadline for application for the autumn session, or you want to know when you will know the results? Whatever your question might be I hope you will find this link helpful
      And if you still don't get an answer to your question, then you might want to contact the CoR.

      Good luck

  5. To whom it may concern,
    I have applied for the traineeship for sep.2012 but the my status on the application is Applitation valid. Could you please let me know how to contact the Commettee? I tried the office, but still didn§t get a reply.
    Thank you,

    1. Dear Lucy,

      We are not in any direct contact with the CoR, so other than the contacts given on the official website, we have no idea how to get in touch with them.


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