CRCC Asia Internship Program

Deadline: Ongoing
Open to: individuals, Students, graduates
Duration: depends

A China internship with CRCC Asia will unlock a huge range of professional, social and networking opportunities, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

In the past 30 years, China has been transformed into a dynamic nation, energetic and supremely confident optimism fueled by a population. The successful hosting of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and so visited the Expo in Shanghai have served to cement the place of China as an important member of the international community.  China’s economy has grown at a meteoric rate and its business community is part of the most interesting and promising markets worldwide. Now, companies and individuals around the world are lining up to do business in China is undoubtedly the nation’s most exciting, challenging and fast-growing place to work.

Asia CRCC offers internship programs and language programs that can both invest in their future and the experience of China.

China Internship Program

By joining CRCC Asia for a one or two month internship in one of China’s most exhilarating cities, you will be given the opportunity to experience working in this unique country and become immersed in its culture, history and business world.

CRCC Asia provides internships across the most exciting and important industry sectors operating in China. Choose from our extensive list of sectors including finance, law, marketing and PR, green technology, technology and many more.

Intensive Chinese Language Program

As China’s importance on the world stage increases, so will the importance of its language.

  • Mandarin Chinese is the world’s most spoken language
  • It is spoken by 900 million people worldwide as a first language
  • and by 1.4 billion people when including as a second language
  • It is an official language of the United Nations

For your entire time in China, you will live in accommodation with classmates and interns from other CRCC Asia programs. The language school close to our accommodation so commuting is convenient.  Then, after a hard day of studying, you can join us at events and activities, or socialize with new friends.

Internship Sectors


  • Finance
  • Marketing and PR
  • Green Technology
  • Law
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Business

How to Apply

The application procedure for a Beijing or Shanghai internship is straightforward and quick – simply follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Online Application Form on our website.
  2. Upload your CV or resume. (Please only upload a maximum of 2 pages)
  3. Your application will be reviewed by our regional manager.
  4. If it is successful, you will be invited for a telephone interview lasting between 20-30 minutes through which we will assess your suitability for our program.
  5. Within one week of your interview, you will be informed of the success of your application to join us on this program. To confirm your place you will be required to pay a deposit. The remainder of your fee will normally be due a month later. Flexible payment plans are available.  Please see our information on prices and dates for more details of payment or to make a payment click here.
  6. Once your deposit has been received, you will be sent a welcome pack by post or email detailing further preparations to be completed.


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