Opportunity for Young Innovators

Deadline: 1 September 2011
Open to: 18-25 years old digital entrepreneur that have a unique seed idea/design of an innovative and connected product that uses available technology to provide clear solutions to identified real world social and/or environmental challenges in the developing world
Prizes: winners will have the chance to pitch to world leaders there ideas and win funding to turn them into reality

Come up with a seed idea, design innovative connected products. Winners will have the chance to pitch to world leaders and win seed funding.

Seed ideas should realistic, achievable and relevant to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals:

  • alleviating poverty and hunger (including smart agriculture)
  • improving education for all
  • addressing gender inequality
  • access to health care
  • environmental sustainability


1) Are you 18-25 years old?

2) Are you a digital entrepreneur bursting with ideas?

3) Do you want to use your knowledge and skills to make the world a better place?

4) Do you need resources so you can turn your seed idea into reality?


• The competition is based on peer review. Online communities will vote for their entries.
• Selected talent will be invited to attend a development workshop
• Developed pitches will be delivered at the event
• The best are invited to give a presentation at the Broadband Leadership Summit
• Participants and online communities will be invited to vote for their favorite ideas
• At the finale of the event, votes will be counted. Most forward-looking entries will be awarded
seed funding (covering travel, time and expenses) and industry mentorship
• They report back during the development process and deliver case studies at WORLD 2012

How to Apply

If all the above questions and points appeal to you, enter.

NB: The competition is actively seeking female, unemployed and disabled talent

Entries will be judged on innovation, feasibility (technically/cost) and applicant experience (ability to deliver).

To find out more, please email ([email protected] ) with QS INNOCOMP YOUNG in the subject line.

Apply to: [email protected]

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  1. I am a young innovator working on environmental degradation and planting of trees in my school and all over Kenya.We have recently been planting trees in Mau forest together with the President and Miss Kenya.I have a passion and love for the environment though i lack funds to support me in my career as an environmentalist.I believe that through your support,i will achieve my goal and even have access to other countries and be able to educate them on the need and the importance of preserving the environment.

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