Seminar For Effective Selforganizing, Serbia

Deadline: 10 August 2011
Open to: All interested
Venue: Novi Sad, Serbia (29.08-02.09.)

The Seminar For Effective Selforganizing is part of a larger festival – The Festival for Selforganization. With the Festival of Selforganisation, which will take place at the end of August in Novi Sad, Serbia, strategies of self-organization as a way of dealing with issues such as discrimination, sexism, ageism, racism, homophobia, consumerism and exploitation will be promoted.

The festival consists of 3 segments:

  • DIY workshops and film screenings (21.08. – 25.08.)
  • International Activist weekend – lectures, workshops, discussions, strategy-exchange and anarcho-feminist bookfair (26.08 – 28.08.)
  • Seminar about Consensus decision-making, Nonviolent Communication, Basics of organizing… (29.08 – 02.09.)
The Festival will take place in the Youth and Culture Center CK13 (, a place in which people have been working since its creation 5 years ago on the topics of Selforganisation, Activism, Feminism, Antifascism, LGBTIQ and more.

Call for participants at the Seminar for effective Selforganizing

The seminar is a 5-day training for activists, to develop collective organizing skills, action tools and effective skills-sharing.

Workshops will include basics for organizing projects, Consensus decision-making, Nonviolent communication, Dealing with conflict within groups, Working within coalitions, Campaign and strategy tools as well as Action tactics.

The participants and trainers will come from different cities and countries, so that also international exchange will take place during the seminar. The participation in the seminar is free of charge.


For applying just send an Email to [email protected] with your name, email, city and a your motivation. Or fill in the form HERE.

Please apply as early as possible, but latest until the 10.August!

The official webpage

3 thoughts on “Seminar For Effective Selforganizing, Serbia

  1. Hi, I could not send a mail to the mail address provided and I want to ask you whether they are providing accommodation for participants on this Seminar for Self organization.

    tnx in advance

    1. Dear K*K,

      I too could not send an e-mail, there seems to be some problem, I hope it is temporary. Anyway, on the main page it says that: Of course there will be sleeping places provided for people from outside Novi Sad and fantastic food from the local activist kitchen team. Since the seminar is part of the festival, I can only presume that it applies to it as well.

      Kind Regards,

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