‘Post-communist corruption: Causes, manifestations, consequences’, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Deadline: 1 November 2011
Open to: Young researchers who have already completed their dissertation research (ABD) or have defended their dissertation within the last three years
Venue: March 29 – April 1, 2012, Miami University ,Oxford, OH


After more than two decades of research on post-communist transformations, a consensus has emerged that corruption is a majorphenomenon associated with the evolution of the former “second world.” The purpose of this conference is to explore the analytical,conceptual and comparative dimensions of this phenomenon and to examine recent empirical findings and field work on corruption in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. We are particularly interested in questions such as: What is the heuristic potential, as well as the possible shortcomings, of currently available typologies of post-communist corruption? Is there anything historically distinct about post-communist corruption – or is it a manifestation of broader patterns observable across regions and types of political regimes? What are the most promising strategies for studying the interplay of local factors (such as the multifaceted legacies of socialism) and international developments (such as the emergence of globalized political, economic and institutional contexts) that shape corrupt practices in post-communism? How have such practices evolved over the last twenty years, and how do they vary across time and space? What important aspects of post-communist socio-political orders can be explained as a consequence of enduring and institutionally embedded forms of corrupt behavior?
The Havighurst Center will provide accommodation in Oxford, ground transportation to and from the airport, and partial travel funding ($300 for domestic travel and $800 for international travel).


Those submissions are invited that demonstrate both analytical rigor and sensitivity to cultural and historical differences. Particular interest is in stimulating cross-disciplinary conversations about the nature and significance of corruption and the ways in which empirically grounded studies of this phenomenon may be amalgamated into broader analytical accounts of political, social, economic and cultural change after the fall of communism. Miami University encourages proposals from young researchers who have already completed their dissertation research (ABD) or have defended their dissertation within the last three years. This will be an intensive 2-1/2 day working conference (March 29-April 1, 2012) during which each of the selected papers will be critiqued by the other participants, including all invited presenters, keynote speakers, and a team of discussants made up of Miami University faculty.

How to apply?

To be considered for the conference, submit an abstract of approximately 250 words and a short CV to [email protected] by November 1, 2011. Please type “*2012 Young Researchers Conference*” as the subject of the email. Selected papers will be announced by January 1, 2012.


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