Original iPhone Film Festival

Deadline: 31 October 2011
Open to: all interested iPhone filmmaker
Prize: MacBook Air, iPad2, Applce TV and more great prizes

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad2, then there’s a film studio in your pocket! The Original iPhone Film Festival was created to showcase the creativity, talent and imagination of the iPhone filmmaker. So put your film studio to work. Shoot your story and enter it in one of four categories – Fiction, NonFiction, Brand Film and Music Video. It’s as easy as Shoot, Edit and Upload. The main aim of the online festival event is to bring the Apple IOS filmmaking community together, to nurture it and to provide a showcase for all the great creativity unleashed with the arrival of these tools.   A panel of experienced industry professional from the worlds of advertising, film and television will watch what you came up with and will pick their favorites and give away prizes and a bunch of cool apps and subscriptions. They assembled a judging panel of industry heavyweights to pick the best of the best along with a host of incredible sponsors who share in our passion for filmmaking equality.

All films must be shot on the iPhone™, iPod Touch™ or iPad2™. Each film will be verified once uploaded and films that are not shot on the iPhone™, iPod Touch™ or iPad2™ will be disqualified. Your film does not have to be edited on an Apple IOS device though we encourage you to do so. There will be a Special Jury Prize for a film completed entirely on an Apple IOS device. You may use any editing program and post-production effects are allowed. Fiction, Non-Fiction and Brand Films must run 3 minutes or less, Music Videos may run the length of the song, not to exceed 4:30.


Pretty simple – make something up! Tell a story that will make people laugh or cry or contemplate our place in the universe… Have fun and be creative!

Brand Film
Have a favorite product or an idea for something that should be one? Tell a story in any format – commercial, viral, documentary, etc. – that features a brand of any kind, real or imagined.

Do you have a story to tell about a unique person, event or situation? Since you now have a powerful tool that filmmakers just a fews years ago could only dream of, there are no excuses! Go out and capture it! Because the truth is often more compelling than fiction….

Music Videos
Miss the old MTV days? The judges from Maroon 5 love music videos. Give your vision of a tune from your band, your friend’s band, your singer/songwriter neighbor… just make sure it’s a song that you have permission to use. Maroon 5 members Adam Levine (vocals/guitar), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards), Mickey Madden (bass), James Valentine (guitar) & Matt Flynn (drums) will pick their favorites.


The film festival is open to all interested iPhone filmmakers.


  • 1 Macbook Air from MacPhun
  • 1 iPad2
  • 1 iPad2 + XLR cable + 1 mic + 1st Video app from Vericorder
  • 4 Apple Tv’s
  • 1 Magic Bullet Suite 11 from RedGiant Software
  • 4 Zacuto iPhone Point ‘n’Shoots Zacuto USA
  • 4 Owle Bubo from ALM
  • 5 tripod units and 4 glides from iStabilizer
  • Geneva Sound Labs sound system(s)
  • 5 copies of MovieSlate from Pure Blend Software
  • 20 1st Video apps
  • 25 subscriptions to Macworld


All films must be submitted via the UPLOAD module on originaliphonefilmfest.com. An e-mail acknowledgment will be sent upon successful submission of your film. All films will be reviewed in their entirety by the judges.

Submission Form

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