IARO Fellowship Program, Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Deadline: 16 November 2011
Open to:  US citizens willing and eligible to make a research in countries of Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Scholarship: Monthly allowance for housing and living expenses, travel reimbursement, insurance, access to field office resources


Contingent upon the availability of US government funding, the Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program (IARO) provides students, scholars and professionals with support to perform policy relevant field research, in the countries of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. In addition to engaging in primary source research in the region, the IARO fellowship affords scholars the opportunity to increase their understanding of critical, policy relevant issues, develop and sustain international networks, and contribute their research results to both the academic and policy-making communities.In addition to conducting their research, IARO fellows are asked to make themselves available as temporary consultants or experts to schools, local NGOs or the US Embassy in their host country.Fellows with grants of four months or less are asked to perform ten hours of service during their grant period, and fellows with grants of five or more months are asked perform twenty hours. Fellows often find this service an enriching component of their research grants.


Grants will be awarded in each of the four categories:
Master’s Student IARO
Eligibility: Must be enrolled in a Master’s program during the grant period
Grant Duration: one to three months
Predoctoral Student IARO
Eligibility: Must be enrolled in a PhD program during the grant period
Grant Duration: two to nine months
Professional IARO
Eligibility: Must have one of the following degrees (MA, MS, MFA, MBA, MPA, MLIS, MPH, JD, MD, PhD) and must not be enrolled as a student during the grant period.
Grant Duration: two to nine months
Postdoctoral Scholar IARO
Eligibility: Must hold a PhD by the application deadline
Grant Duration: two to nine months

The grants include:

International coach class roundtrip transportation from the US to the host country(ies) for the period of grant awarded.
A monthly allowance for housing and living expenses, based on IREX’s pre-established countryspecific rates (IREX will determine your housing amount at the time of your grant award, based on your city(ies) of placement).
Travel visas: IREX will pay for and assist with fellows’ visas for travel related to the fellowship.Arrangement and costs associated with visas for dependents are the fellow’s responsibility.
Emergency evacuation insurance. Please note that IREX provides only emergency evacuation insurance — not health insurance. Access to Field Office Resources: IREX has established field offices in the region that are available to all IARO scholars. Available resources include emergency internet access, multimedia equipment for loan, and in-person emergency logistics support.


Applicants must:
Be a US citizen;
Meet one of the eligible grant categories as described above;
Not have a grant from another organization or IREX to conduct the same or similar research project at the same time; (applicants may apply for competing grants, however if offered another grant as well as IARO, the applicant must choose between them)

Countries in which the research can be done are Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic,Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova,Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,and Uzbekistan.

How to apply?

1. All Applications must be completed using IREX’s online application system. All supporting documents, including transcripts, must be uploaded to the system. Scanned, unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
2. Language and Professional References are to be completed using the online form, which is automatically generated through the online application system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all letters, and subsequently the completed application is submitted by 16 November 2011 5:00 pm EST, no exceptions.
3. Title of Research Proposal – Please limit the title of your proposal to 120 characters. This will be part of the official and public record of your research project and should be carefully and clearly constructed as well as discernable to a layperson.
4. Proposal Abstract – Please write an abstract of your project that is less than 150 words. This will be part of the official and public record of your research project and should be carefully and clearly constructed. Any abstract that exceeds 150 words will be truncated and only the first 150 words will be included.
5. Language Proficiency Self-Evaluation
6. Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)- A Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be submitted with the application. Please limit to (5) pages. Documents exceeding 5 pages in length will not be considered.
7. Transcripts (for current students only)– Transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate institutions must be scanned and uploaded into the online application system by the applicant. Any transcripts sent to IREX in paper form will be discarded and not considered as part of the application.

In order to apply, you first need to register yourself on the IARO website and then continue your application process.(to apply, please click here)


E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 202-628-8188
Fax: 202-628-8189

To download a full information kit, please click here.

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