Ericsson Application Awards 2012

Deadline: 28 February 2012
Open to: The competition is global and open to both students and small & medium sized enterprises
Prizes: 1st place: €15 000, 2nd place: €10 000, 3rd place: €5 000

The Ericsson Application Awards 2012 gives an opportunity for developers to gain exposure within the telecom world, a chance to reach out to customers via Ericsson distribution channels and a chance to win €15,000 in prize money.

Develop an application based on the Android platform (Web or Native) that addresses the theme and makes use of at least one Ericsson Labs API (e.g. Mobile Location, Text To Speech, etc.).

The purpose of the theme “Apps for the Networked Society” is to promote innovations from a variety of environments, places and situations etc., as well as by connecting people, things and places to empower individuals and society. The Network Society is an Ericsson vision targeting a combination of mobility, broadband, the cloud, applications and services for an empowered society.


The competition is global and open to both students and small & medium sized enterprises (< 100 employees). There are two categories: one for students and one for companies. For more details see Rules and Terms & Conditions.


The awards for each category (Students and Companies) are as follows:
1st place: €15 000 and phones from Sony Ericsson
2nd place: €10 000 and phones from Sony Ericsson
3rd place: €5 000
4th and 5th place: Honorary Diplomas

The prize money will be shared equally among the registered team members. The winning teams will be contacted to ensure payment of prize. Winners will be announced on:


NOTE: All information must be in English.

  1. Register a user account. (One per team member.)
  2. Register your team (Click Team sign-up and fill out the form). Please note: the team will be available after approval. See image below.
  3. Submit the required items (listed below). See image below.

Required Submission Items for the Main Competition:

Your submission must include all of the following:

      1. The application – executable code (apk)
      2. A video demonstration of the application:

– Maximum 3 minutes in length,- Maximum size: 40 MB,- Accepted formats: AVI, QT, WMV or H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4

Recommendation: Present the problem, Show how your app solves that problem, and Demonstrate the main functionality of your application.
See example from one of last year’s competitors.

  1. A text document- Please fill out the sections in the template document

Evaluation Criteria:

The submitted applications will be evaluated by Ericsson according to the following criteria:

– Application based on at least one Ericsson Labs API
– Addresses the theme “Apps for the Networked Society”
– Working application prototype
– Innovative solution
– Business potential

Evaluation Process:
The first evaluation phase results in the selection of the semi-finalist teams, the top 5 in each category.
The second evaluation phase of the semi-finalist entries is conducted by 1000 people representing 4-5 countries globally and results in the selection of the finalist teams, the top 2 in each category.
The third evaluation phase will be done at the Awards Ceremony by a jury (panel of experts), who will select the winners.

Participants can contact us via email at: ericsson.application.awards(at) or
through our Forum at:

The deadline for application is 28 February 2012.

For more information on the application procedure see here.

The Official Website

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