Global Education – The Intercultural Dimension. Online Course

Deadline: 2nd of March 2012
Open to: people working in or with intercultural learning and education
Scholarship: 400 Euro


This global education online learning course is designed for education practitioners, social workers, civil society, youth activists, as well as policy and decision makers and local authorities.

Please be aware that the course announced on this website regards an online learning course and does not involve any traveling. However, in order to participate, you need to have regular access to the Internet.

The course has been designed to complement the Global Education Guidelines, a pedagogical tool for educators and policy makers to understand and implement Global Education, and share with a wider audience concepts and approaches promoted by the North-South Centre’s Global Education programme.

This second online learning course, under the title “Global Education – The Intercultural Dimension”, provides an overview on why intercultural education is relevant and needed, what it means in theory and practice and how it can be improved in relation to the context of a globalized world, the local needs, its contents and methodology.

The next course takes place from 12 March to 15 April, 2012.


The course in general is targeted at people working in or with intercultural learning and education, either as part of international organizations, national educational institutions or those working for national and local civil society organizations, policy makers, local authorities and intercultural cities. The course also welcomes students with a special interest in the topic.

Course requirements:
Please note that all participants should:

  • be in command of the English language;
  • be able to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week (every week) on course work;
  • have basic ICT skills and a minimum of internet access.


The North South Centre will provide scholarships of 400 euro, corresponding to the course value. The scholarships will be granted to selected applications on the basis of quality of the application.

Please be aware that an application should consist of the online form and the word document application.

Both application forms can be accessed here.

The Official Website

One thought on “Global Education – The Intercultural Dimension. Online Course

  1. David,This is my very favorite show so I am thiellrd you are doing this. I am very interested in participating if you are looking for knowledgeable Professors of CultureMy undergrad degree was in Geography with minor in History and Music .Masters Christian School Adm. Doctorate in Curriculum and Development, cognate area in Communication.I’ve traveled extensively over the last few years with ACSI and seem able to connect with each culture I encounter.I have the opportunity to go to Turkey possibly this summer with a few principals of Charter school who are Turkish Muslims. Just returned from Philippines from 3 weeks working with national teachers there. Mike Epp( ACSI) has contacted me about creating a culturally based curriculum for the African schools .so you can see I love to do this. If I can be of any help let me know.In Him,Tim Heaton

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