Student Grants Programme

Deadline: The 1st of every month
Open to:  Worldwide students going abroad to study, either through an exchange programme or as a free-mover
Grant:  € 1.000 student grant


The Student Grants program is a funding opportunity for students worldwide. It is a well-known fact that most students live on a very limited budget. The goal of the Student Grants program is to support students financially.
The reason is that we receive a lot of applications and want to make sure that only eligible students apply for a grant. Also, the application fee will secure a high level of service and help promote the student grant program.


Any student enrolled in a higher education institution (college, university, business school, etc.) anywhere in the world can apply online for a € 1.000 student grant.. The Student Grant Program evaluate student grant applications on an ongoing basis. As well, Student Grants have a small €2,5 application fee. The fee confirms the eligibility of the student, as well as it secures a high level of service.


Grants program supports students from all over the world with a one-time €1000 grant. Students receiving a grant typically spend it on covering tuition, academic books and materials, travel expenses when going abroad, rent, utility bills, etc. However, you can spend the grant on whatever you want!


Interested students have to apply before the first of every month (for instance, if you want to apply for the grant in July, you have to apply before 1 July. The program normally announces the receiving students about 1-2 weeks after the deadlines. The students who receive a Student Grant are published on the website, under Student Grant Winners.
You can apply here.

For more information please visit the official website.

8 thoughts on “Student Grants Programme

  1. can I got a scholarship/grant/lloan 2012/2013 to study at my place? I
    have passed the selection of nursing degree at a university in
    Indonesia, I just budget constraints. is there anything that could be
    of help or at least advise me?

    Jemi alexander NTT-Indonesia

    1. Dear Jemi,

      We don't have such detailed information. You can ask the providers of this grant for options. You can find their contact probably on the official website.

      MLadiinfo team

    1. Dear Fiona,

      There is no specification about that, however you might want to ask the grant-providers. The official website is available in the post. You can probably find contacts there.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

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