VGIF Project Grant Application-Letter of Intent

Deadline: July 31, 2012
Open to:  non-profit, non-political organization, empowering women and girls
Grant: The budget amount requested from VGIF must not exceed $7,500 USD.


VGIF provides small grants for grassroots projects that empower women and girls in developing countries.
What VGIF supports:

  • Community development
  • Health and nutritional support
  • Literacy and leadership training
  • Educational seminars and workshops
  • Women’s human rights
  • Organizations that are governed and directed by women.

VGIF does not consider requests for the following:

  • Individual scholarships and tuition
  • Political organizations
  • Religious groups unless the proposed project contributes to the general good of the community
  • The construction of permanent buildings or the purchase of land
  • Salaries for board members and permanent staff but may include stipends/honoraria for external resource people/trainers

If your organization fulfills this profile, and you would like to apply for a grant for our 2013 funding cycle, here are the steps you will need to take once our process is open.


We support women’s organizations based outside of the United States. The Letter of Intent must be submitted by a non-profit, non-political organization. The proposal addresses the empowerment of women and girls and will lead to action and sustainable change in the community. The proposal clearly reflects the participation of the community/target group in its development and design. The project addresses sustainability after VGIF funding with continued involvement in the larger community. Women are well represented in the leadership, staff and management of the organization and project. The organization can demonstrate its ability to manage resources and funding from external sources. The Letter of Intent provides reliable email addresses as well as phone numbers. The proposal must present a true budget with a clear explanation of all items.Other sponsors or potential funding for this project must be clearly identified. The timeline of activities is realistic and achievable and the project can begin upon the awarding of grants by VGIF in mid-May.


VGIF provides small grants for grassroots projects that empower women and girls in developing countries. The budget amount requested from VGIF must not exceed $7,500 USD. VGIF will consider inclusion of an amount, not to exceed 10% of the total grant, for administration of the project to the executing organization in the country where the project is located.


All interested applicants must complete a Letter of Intent (LOI). VGIF does not accept unsolicited LOIs or full proposals. At that time you will have access to our Letter Of Intent by creating an account, then completing and submitting your LOI to us electronically.
If your organization fulfills these criteria and you would like to begin the Letter Of Intent process you will need to complete the following 4 stages:

Stage 1: Create a Log In Account – a valid e-mail address must be provided to create an account.
Stage 2: Supply the required Personnel Information – once you have created a log-in account with VGIF you will need to complete and submit information about yourself and your organization. Once this stage is complete you will be directed to our Letter of Intent.
Stage 3: Create and edit the Letter of Intent -The Letter of Intent can be completed immediately or you may start the Letter of Intent, save your work, and add additional information at a later time. There is no limit to how many times you can update your Letter of Intent before submitting it.
Stage 4: Submit the Letter of Intent

Information requested in the LOI:

– Organization and personnel Information
– A brief description of the organization
– A brief description of previous projects (if any)
– A description of your project
– The project budget
– Prior funding from other sources
– Qualifications of the project director

The process will begin with the completion of VGIFs online Letter of Intent.
After your Letter of Intent has been read and evaluated by VGIF, you may or may not be invited to submit a full proposal.

Application account

The deadline is July 31, 2012.
For further information, please contact:
The Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund, Inc.
11 Broadway, Suite 510,
New York, N.Y., U.S.A. 10004

The Official Website

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