Copenhagen Business School – Phd Scholarships in Economics

Deadline: July 1, 2012
Open to: Holders of a Master degree in Economics, with educational background in the social sciences and with fluent English
Scholarship: DKK 21.199 (app. 2,850 euro) monthly up to DKK 29.341 (app. 3,945 euro) depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution, through 3 years


Copenhagen Business School invites applications for 8-9 PhD scholarships within the research profile of the Department of Economics (

The department is inviting applications within the areas of
  1. Applied Economics (4-5 scholarships)
    The positions fall in the research areas of either Macroeconomics and Economic Policy, International Economics or Applied Microeconomics (in particular industrial economics and competition policy, tax policy, labour economics, venture capital and behavioural economics & finance). For examples of the department’s current research projects in these areas see the project descriptions on the department’s
    Research Website.
  2. Application of Game Theory & Mechanism Design on Auctions (1 scholarship)
    The Ph.D. student will be associated with CFEM (Center for Research in the Foundation of Electronic Markets) and will work on the application of game theory and mechanism design, in particular auction mechanism to the development of new markets. For more information, see or contact Prof. Peter Bogetoft [email protected]
  3. Experimental Economics (1 scholarship)
    The Ph.D. student associated with RECON (Revealing ECONomic Behavior: Register Based Experimentation) will be a full member of RECON’s research team and will learn the necessary skills to conduct field and laboratory experiments in economics. The Ph.D. student should have a combined interest in applied microeconomics, behavioral economics, and experimental economics. For more information, see the description of the project on the department’s Research Website
    or contact Prof. Steffen Andersen[email protected].
  4. Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Education (1 scholarship)
    The scholarship is embedded in a research project on the importance of business education for leadership and entrepreneurship directed by Prof. Anders Sørensen [email protected]. The research project is mainly an empirical project based on a unique data set on the educational background of graduates from business educations and register data from Statistics Denmark.
    Research Website (
  5. Design of a Market for Flexible Electricity Demand (1 scholarship)       The scholarship is an integral part of a large research project, TotalFlex, on the integration of wind power in the electricity grid and the resulting need for flexible energy demand. The Ph.D. student will be expected to collaborate with researchers from other fields but will carry out research within energy economics and mechanism design. For more information see the department’s Research Website or or contact Prof.s Peter Bogetoft [email protected] or Peter Møllgaard [email protected].

The three-year PhD program at CBS allows you to conduct research under the supervision of CBS professors, supported by research training courses. The PhD students will be enrolled in the department’s PhD training program which includes a package of courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. The program is highly international, and you are expected to participate in international research conferences and to spend time abroad as a visiting PhD student at another university.
See the CBS homepage for more information about the PhD program. It is also required that the applicant shows an interest in actively contributing to the department’s research environment.
CBS PhD graduates are held in high esteem not only in academia and research institutions but also in government and business where their research qualifications are increasingly demanded. Half of CBS PhD graduates go on to employment outside universities and public research institutions.


To be considered, the candidate should have a basic training at the Masters level (similar to the 3 + 2 Bologna process). An educational background in the social sciences is necessary. The applicant must have successfully completed the Master’s degree in Economics or related fields before commencing the PhD program at CBS. The applicant must be fluent in English. The Department will give priority to applicants with high grades from their universities.


A PhD scholarship runs for a period of 3 years, and includes teaching obligations equivalent of ½ year’s work (840 work hours). The scholarships are fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement. The scholarship includes the tuition fees, office space, travel grants plus a salary, currently starting with DKK 21.199 (app. 2,850 euro) monthly up to DKK 29.341 (app. 3,945 euro) depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution totalling 17,1 % of 85 per cent of the base salary.

Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC).


The application must include a 5 page project description ( This research proposal should contain a presentation of an original research question, a description of the initial theoretical framework and methodology, a presentation of the suggested empirical material as well as a preliminary work plan.
In addition to the research proposal, the application must include copies of a Master’s degree certificate or other certificates of a corresponding level, brief curriculum vitae (CV), a list of papers and publications, and a selected written work (e.g. Master’s thesis). Applicants must enclose documentation for English language skills if not mother tongue.A committee of experts in the field in question will assess the applications. The assessment of the applicants will be based on the quality and relevance of the project, including an evaluation of the applicant’s ability to accomplish it. Following this assessment, the management of the department will select the winners of the scholarships.

Application must be sent via the electronic recruitment system, here.

The closing date is July 1, 2012 Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material, including all appendices (see items above), by the application deadline.

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