Symposium on Youth Policy Cooperation in South East Europe

Deadline: 15th July, 23:59pm CET.
Open to: 80 policy-makers, researchers, youth workers and youth practitioners from South East Europe
Venue: Albania, 1-3 October 2012

Cooperation in South East Europe: focus on recognition of youth work & non-formal learning”, 1-3 October 2012, Albania
The Symposium aims to continue the reflection and exchange on youth policy cooperation in the region and – more specifically – to place the topic of recognition of non-formal learning/education and of youth work on the political agenda of the countries of the South East Europe region.

Who organize it?

The event is organized by the European Commission and Council of Europe through their partnership in the field of youth (EU-CoE youth partnership) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport of Albania; SALTO SEE RC, SALTO Training and Cooperation RC, SALTO EECA and Interkulturelles Zentrum – Austrian National Agency for the YiA Programme.

Description of the event

As a follow up to
• the earlier EU-CoE youth partnership / SALTO SEE Resource Centre activities in the region of South East Europe (Trogir, Croatia 2007; Belgrade, Serbia 2008; Brdo, Slovenia 2009),
• former training courses on the topic of recognition of non-formal learning/education organised by SALTO SEE and SALTO T&C (in particular: long-term training course ‘Let’s Train: Recognition of Non-Formal Learning in Youth Work’ 2010/11)
• the country studies on youth policy released for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo1
• •the Symposium on Recognition of Non-formal Learning organised jointly by the EU-CoE youth partnership, SALTO T&C Resource Centre and the German National Agency in November 2011, in Strasbourg


We plan to recruit a good mix of policy-makers, researchers, youth workers and youth practitioners. Out of the envisaged total of around 80 participants, the majority is expected to come from the region of South East Europe, but still a significant number of places will be awarded to participants coming from other regions of Europe.


Travel, accommodation and meals will be covered by the organisers.

Further contacts:

Mr. Srd Kisevic from the EU-CoE youth partnership (tel.: +32 22865002; e-mail: [email protected])
SALTO SEE Resource Centre, MOVIT NA MLADINA, Dunajska 22, SI – 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Contact: Sonja Mitter Škulj, Tel.: +386-1-430 47 47, E-mail: [email protected]

Interested? Apply now!

We look forward to your participation at this event and would be grateful to receive your application by 15th July at 23:59pm CET.

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