World Summit Youth Award: e-Contest 2012

Deadline: 31 July, 2012
Open to: Creative designers, Producers, Application developers, Journalists, and Writers under the age of 30
Awards: Winners will be invited to the WSYA Winers’ Event (Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for the winners.)


World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is a unique global contest that brings together young people under 30 years of age who have revolutionary approach to using ICTs in order to change the world and put UN Millennium Development Goals into Action. “We will bring these young revolutionarists and social entrepreneurs to Montréal this year to demonstrate that things can be done,” says Chairman of the WSYA Prof. Peter A. Bruck.

In 2012 the World Summit Youth Award Winners’ Event is going to be hosted at the 18th World Congress on Information Technology(WCIT 2012) from October 22nd until October 24th in the city of Design, Business and Media – Montréal, Canada. The event will offer winners a chance to connect with each other and discuss with renowned experts in the field of ICT for development. “For the first time young people will join not only as a passive audience, but as people who want to be a part of the change”, adds Prof. Bruck.
The global Youth Award database for the year 2012 will be open to nominations until the extended deadline of 31 July, 2012 seeking fresh e-Content in order to strengthen visibility and credibility of young people´s e-Power on a world stage.


The WSYA contest is a competition among the most committed and creative designers, producers, application developers, journalists, and writers who, by using internet and mobile applications, create digital content and applications which address the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  • The online or mobile project to be entered in to the contest must be initiated and executed by young people under the age of 30 (born on or after January 1, 1982) from any of the UN member states.
  • Registrants to the contest must hold the intellectual property rights to the work submitted and be the legal originator of the creative product or project. They also must possess the rights to the use of music, sound or audio components used in their project.
  • With the registration, contest participants accept the rules of the WSYA contest as stated in this document. Any and all legal recourse to rules, actions and conditions of the WSYA are entirely excluded.
  • Submitters of a project can not become jury members in the year of submission.


The World Summit Youth Award honours 3 winners (persons or team) and up to 3 runners-up per category whose product, project or application is chosen by the expert jury as the best in digital content in one of the categories. Winners will be invited to the WSYA Winners´ Event! (Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for the winners.) You can see more about the benefits here.


The registration procedure

  • The registration, including submitting the project information, must be completed online. After successful registration, participants will receive an ID number to be used in all communication concerning their submission.
  • The registration procedure includes signing and transmitting of the release form to the WSYA Office. By signing the release form the submitters confirm that they are the rightful owners to the necessary rights to submit the project. These rights include the copyright, right for using pictures, sound or audio components.
  • All WSYA applicants are invited to create a project profile on theYA Friends platform to increase the exposure of their product and serve as an example to others. Winners and Runners-Up are obliged to present their project on YA Friends.

 Product entry

  • The projects, products, or applications must be fully functional and operational at the time of submission and must be accessible via the internet whether it is designed for fixed line, broadband or mobile use.
  • Submissions must be made in one of the six categories of the WSYA: 1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease; 2. Education for all; 3. Power 2 Women; 4. Create your Culture; 5. Go Green; 6. Pursue Truth.
  • The submitted product or application must be completed after January 1st, 2011. For a project or product completed earlier the submitters have to document that significant alterations and / or improvements and / or additions have been made in the period thereafter.
  • Products / projects or applications which have been submitted in the WSYA in previous years cannot be submitted again. For a project which has been already submitted before, the submitters have to document significant alterations and / or improvements and / or additions.
  • Winning project can not be submitted twice.
  • The submitted product or application must be free of offensive or plagiarized content and may not violate human rights as laid out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and its application by international human rights courts or panels recognized by the United Nations Organization.

You can start with the submission process by visiting the registration site. For more information please visit the official website.

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