International Youth Leadership Academy, Turkey

Deadline: August 15th
Open to: 30 participants (20 international, 10 national) will be selected from countries in the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caucasus. Priority will be given to applications from Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Moldova, Morocco, Montenegro, Palestine, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey
Venue: 7-14 September 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

Long-Term Training Program Youth rights, participation, citizenship and social responsibility First phase training: 7-14 September 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, Second phase training of trainers: February 2013 (TBC)

The second ever international training programme of IYLA will take place on 7-14 September 2012. The training will be conducted based on the experience and knowledge of experts and trainers from UNICEF, Save the Children and Habitat. The main aim of this programme is to develop the capacity of local youth leaders and to support them to actively contribute to their own communities.

The training will be conducted in two phases. The first phase of the training aims to develop the capacity, skills and experience of the participants on human rights, youth and child rights and participation as well as more specifically on Child Abuse and Neglect, Violence against Children, Child Protection, Intercultural Dialogue, Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Therefore, this training will focus on theoretical learning combined with various case studies from Turkey and the participating countries. The participants will make an action plan to follow up the process till the second phase. During this process, the participants will be followed by the experts and supported with various materials that will enable them to get prepared for the second phase. In other words, the first training will be followed up by both a monitoring and mentoring process.

Aims and Objectives of the International Training Program

The International Training Program on Youth rights, participation, citizenship and social responsibility will have the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for young people from Turkey the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Caucasus to exchange information and experiences on participating in civil society and youth work and establish a network for further collaboration.
  • To empower young people to take an active and effective role in advocating rights of children and youth within Human Rights perspective
  • To raise awareness and knowledge about social responsiblity towards children and youth
  • To share good practices and tools in the area of Child Protection against abuse, neglect and violence, Intercultural Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Peace-building
  • To provide young people with negotiation and advocacy skills for their effective participation
  • To empower young people with inclsuive leadership skills
  • To prepare them for the follow-up training in February 2013
  • To reach at least 20 young/children in their own communities after the second phase


  • be between 15 and 29 years of age,
  • have the ability to use English as the working language throughout the training programme,
  • represent a youth NGO and/or be experienced in youth and/or child work,
  • work with marginalized and disadvantageous youth and/or children,
  • be willing to play an active role in the sessions,
  • be able to and willing to follow the process and actively implement the activities required by the programme,
  • be able to participate in both trainings, (be available to attend the full duration of the training program from the arrival date of 7 September to the departure date of 14 September 2012 as well as be able to attend the full duration of the TOT that will be conducted in February 2013)
  • have the opportunity to share their new knowledge, skills and contacts within their own organizations following the program,
  • be committed to carrying out follow-up activities and be active in localising the knowledge,

Training participants will be selected based on gender-equality.

Working Language: The language of the program will be English. Participants should be proficient in English.

Accommodation:Travel costs, accommodation, and meals will be provided and paid for by the IYLA. Full details will be sent to selected participants later.

The expenses of the participants who fail to follow up the activities after the first training and who fail to participate to the TOT in February 2013 may have to reimburse the expenses paid.

Application process

Young people interested in participating in the International Training Program must return the application form by e-mail to [email protected] by 15 August, 2012 at the latest. Candidates will be informed by 17 August, 2012 whether they have been accepted, put on the waiting list or refused. Accepted candidates will receive the program documentation directly.

The participant selection process will be based on a detailed application form, motivation letter, and recommendation from the organizations whom the young people will represent.

Application form:

You are requested to use the standard application form that follows in attachment.

Motivation form:

You are requested to submit a motivation form which address following question:
–          Why would you like to take part in this training course?
–          How is your background relevant to the topic of the training course?
–          Have you participated in similar training course/s? and if yes then why do you want to participate in similar training course?
–          How do you ensure that you will follow the whole process that the training will bring and you will participate in the second training in February 2013?

Reference letter:

Sending Youth-led Organisation (YLO)/ NGO is requested to send us a reference letter. There is no single format for the letter, yet it is important to see how is your participation important for the YLO/NGO and how does the YLO/NGO support you in conducting similar training in your own communities.

Language of application: You are requested to write your application in English.


Please use the following format ” Your country your name_IYLA_Training_Program_12 ” for the title of your attached application file. Please also use the same format as the SUBJECT of your email.

More info HERE

Application form


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    1. Dear Rose,

      Please read the post more carefully. It is clearly written in special section of the post that someone from your sending organization need to provide the reference letter.

      Mladiinfo team

    1. Dear Nargiz, if you look at the part "Participants" in the post above, you will see what are the requirements to apply for this academy , on the third bullet is written the following: represent a youth NGO and/or be experienced in youth and/or child work, meaning that they require youth to represent the organization, we are not sure that if you could apply as independent candidate, please address the person mentioned as contact into the document attached to this post at the bottom above the application form

    1. Please not that we are not organizers of this event we just post the information, in the last days the mail worked as we contacted the organizers, but now obviously maybe is over quota as many people applied


  1. Dear Mladinfo,
    I worked in youth projects and programs where I implemented many awareness campaigns talked about many global issues and topics in my local comunity for more than three years, but right now I did not , so my question is could my work experience qualify me to participate in IYLA Training Program ?, worth mention that I have a reference letter from a NGO proven my work experience with it

    1. Please not that we are not organizers of this event we just post the information, in the last days the mail worked as we contacted the organizers, but now obviously maybe is over quota as many people applied

  2. Hi,
    I am an English teacher in Istanbul with young children. I want to participate in this event. Is it possible or not? 'cause I don't represent a Youth organization since I am an independent participant.

    1. Dear Arzu,

      Please direct your questions and concerns to the contact persons either provided for you within the post or located somewhere on the official website.

      Best regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  3. Hi,
    I could not send anything to the email given as it answers back with permanent failure notice!.
    Any Ideas on how could we get another email, I will personally try and contact them by phone, if it worked i will pass the alternative email to you here.

  4. I have finished writing the Motivation letter and Application Form. I am waiting for the reference (it will be done in a few hours). Is it too late if I send everything tomorrow afternoon (15th of August )?

    1. Dear Lazar, apply as soon as you have the reference. You can probably apply tomorrow as final day, however consider doing it in a few hours if you can.

      Mladiinfo team

      1. Thank You! I am not sure they will be able to stamp it tonight (I don't even know if it is necessary to print it, stamp it, scan it and send it or it would be fine without the stamp and signature. Do you have that information?). Hopefully, they will accept my application if I send it tomorrow.

    1. Dear Reem,

      It is already past deadline, so it is not much promising if you send your application today. You can probably send it, but hardly it would be acknowledged.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  5. For all the impatient applicants (including me):

    "Thank you for your great interest for International Youth Leadership Academy training that will take place between 7-14 September 2012 in Istanbul. We have received great applications from all over the world. Therefore, we are now working on receiving applications. However, due to the great numbers of applications, we are sending confirmation letters abit late. Please excuse us.

    But, unless you receive failure notification, then we received your documents and applications for sure.

    Thank you on behalf of IYLA project team and partners,"

    1. The results are out. If you are not contacted that can mean you are not in the list of chosen participants. However, please check the results, you can find it in the previous comments.

      Mladiinfo team

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